GE offers Durathon battery for critical backup power

General Electric, or GE, has come up with its Durathon battery that will target those who want a reliable critical backup power solution, and the Durathon will find itself at home when used in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications for large data centers, hospitals, and other areas where there is a need for a continuous power supply. Thanks to the use of its proprietary chemistry, the Durathon battery is able […]

GE And Konica Minolta To Show Off Flexible OLED Lighting Panel

GE is planning to preview lighting application ideas that seem to have quite a bit of potential at Light + Building 1020 and LightFair 2010. At said shows, the company will be showcasing OLEDs in various configurations, especially in the flexible and ultra-thin form factor. With the flexible OLED materials that GE has, that can produce an energy efficient white light, made with a low-carbon manufacturing footprint, look like they […]

General Electric Power Series of digital cameras

[PMA 2010] General Electric has a couple of new digital cameras from its Power Series that are touted to hit the market later this year, in the form of the E1486TW and E1480W, alongside a new model for its Power Pro Series – the X5 (sounds like a BMW, don’t you think, albeit costing much less). The X5 will come with optical image stabilization, 15X zoom and ISO 3200, boasting […]

General Electric Smart Series of digital cameras

[PMA 2010] General Electric has taken the opportunity to introduce more members to its Smart Series family, with the J1455 being a 14.2-megapixel shooter alongside 5X optical zoom and image stabilization. Expect it to roll out in Q2 this year in black, silver, red and other colors for around $130. As for the 10-megapixel C1033 and 12-megapixel C1233, both models are meant to target those who are walking on a […]


GE 6-in-1 Universal DVR Remote

This garish looking device known as the GE 6-in-1 Universal DVR Remote will take some getting used to, considering the product design that is less than flattering, making it the Chrysler PT of remote controls at this moment. Well, mom always told us not to judge a book by its cover, so this “book” will have to be assessed via its functions, where you get a large code database, infrared […]

GE Vscan portable ultrasound scanner

GE is a corporate giant who has its fingers dipped into most known cookie jars, so to speak, and their latest device would be the highly portable yet affordable ultrasound scanner known as the Vscan. Sharing roughly the same dimensions as a BlackBerry when closed, this device is capable of showing an ultrasound image with control keys located at the bottom. Three years ago, a console ultrasound with similar power […]