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Samsung's New Wearable Devices Get Fitness-Focused Update
Earlier this year Samsung unveiled a new crop of wearable devices. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are new smartwatches that were unveiled alongside the Galaxy S5. Samsung also unveiled a new fitness tracker called the Gear Fit with its new flagship. These devices made their way to the market back in April and those who picked them up regularly asked Samsung for some new fitness-focused features. The company has listened […]

Gear 2 Neo Not Compatible With Galaxy Note 3 For Now
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, Samsung showed off three new wearable devices. Two of them were smartwatches, with Gear 2 Neo being the second. They’re set to hit shelves come April 11th alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5, though some early adopters have already been able to get their hands on the smartwatches. It appears that the Gear 2 Neo isn’t compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 […]

Samsung Gear 2 And Gear Fit Price Confirmed In Taiwan
Last month at the Mobile World Congress 2014 Samsung launched its new flagship smartphone. Alongside the smartphone, it also launched two new smartwatches and a fitness tracker. Gear 2 and Gear Fit are the company’s new wearable devices, the smartwatches are a significant improvement over their predecessor. Through Gear Fit, Samsung aims to gain a firm footing in mobile fitness tracking. Today the new wearables were introduced in Taiwan and […]

Gear Watches Might Become Compatible With Non-Samsung Devices
When the first Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was launched last year, initially it only supported Samsung’s flagship devices. Soon after that the company rolled out support for some of its older devices through software updates. However, the smartwatch was never opened up to other Android devices. Some hoped that this would be rectified come the second generation of Samsung smartwatches. Last month the company launched Gear and Gear 2 Neo, […]