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Google Fiber iPad App Now Available For Download
Google Fiber is only available in a handful of cities right now. Recently Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas were added to Fiber’s list however the service roll out there will take some time. Right now only Kansas City and its “fiberhoods” have access to Google’s gigabit internet and TV service. The iPad exclusive Fiber remote app is now available for download, no iPhone version is available as yet though the company […]

Google Fiber Confirmed For Provo, Roll Out In Late 2013
Earlier today we had reported that there were rumors going around pegging Provo, Utah as the next location for Google Fiber. Now the mayor of Provo has officially made an announcement that Google’s gigabit internet service is indeed coming to his city by the end of this year. Provo is now the third city to get Google Fiber, the first two being Kansas City and Austin. Apart from providing users with […]

Sony Backed ISP In Japan Offers Double The Speed Of Google Fiber
If you thought Google Fiber with its 1Gbps speeds was fast, think again. A Japanese ISP, which is backed by Sony, is now offering plans with 2Gbps download and 1Gbps upload speeds in Tokyo and six districts surrounding it. So-net Entertainment is now offering this service to small businesses, apartments and homes in the aforementioned locations. The fiber based service is called Nuro which uses GPON, or Gigabit-capable Passive Optics Networks, that […]

AT&T Launching 1Gbps Network In Austin To Compete With Google Fiber
Austin, Texas will soon be getting a dose of Google Fiber as it has been selected as the first city to receive the service outside of Kansas City in the middle of 2014. But it looks like there’s about to be an old-fashioned showdown out in the street as AT&T is announcing they also plan on delivering a 1Gbps network in Austin as well.AT&T calls the move a part of […]


Google Fiber Expanding To Austin, Anouncement Next Week
Press invites have already been sent out jointly by the City of Austin and Google, as both of them have a very important announcement to make. Reports from several media outlets point to a possible expansion of Google Fiber to Austin. Though it has not been confirmed by Google, there’s no doubt that the announcement isn’t related to the expansion of Google Fiber in Austin. A blog post by the […]

Google Fiber Expanded To A New City For The First Time
Google announced late last year it would be broadening the horizons of its Google Fiber network. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t be in your neck of the woods, that is, unless you currently live in Kansas City or the additional five neighborhoods the company announced it would begin rolling out Google Fiber to this year.Google announced the first neighborhood within the Kansas City area to receive an expansion of Google Fiber […]

Time Warner Cable Doesn't Believe Gigabit Internet Is In Demand
The FCC’s Chairman Julius Genachoski may have challenged the U.S. to his “Gigabit City Challenge,” which he’s hoping would spark at least one community in every state to offer gigabit Internet, but according to Time Warner Cable, it’s completely unnecessary.According to Time Warner Cable’s CFO Irene Esteves who spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, TWC doesn’t believe gigabit Internet is something its customers want. “We’re in the […]

FCC Chairman Wants Gigabit Internet Across All 50 U.S. States By 2015
While China is demanding new residences have fiber-optic connections starting April 1, 2013, here in the U.S. we’re still struggling to make our Internet speeds as good as they are in other countries, including China. If you want gigabit internet speeds, then you’ll have to move to Kansas City where Google Fiber is currently supplying gigabit speeds to residents who choose to use the service. That’s not good enough for FCC Chairman […]

WiGig Alliance Version 1.1 Specification: Multi-Gigabit Wireless Coming Soon
For all the gadget lovers always connected to the internet from any kind of device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV and soon the fridge), the network speed is a huge deal. Today, thanks to WiGig Alliance, we are very happy to announce that multi-gigabit wireless connection will soon be accessible from our most beloved next-gen gadgets. According to the WiGig Alliance (the info was provided during our briefing), the theoretical speed […]

Wireless Gigabit Alliance Develops Multi-Gigabit Network Standard Called WiGig
A new force is emerging in the wireless networking field: Wireless Gigabit Alliance is backed by influential companies like Dell, Intel, LG, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Broadcom and many more. Together, they represent a good chunk of the industry and their sheer size and reach should establish WiGig as a new interoperable standard.WiGig has been designed to provide ultra-fast data transfers (up to 6GB/sec, theoretically) over relatively short distances (about 20 […]