Lenovo To Create Smartphone With Google’s Project Tango Technology

Several days ago, Lenovo and Google teased an announcement in which it suggested that both companies will be working on something related to Project Tango. It was highly-speculated that the end result could be some kind of commercial smartphone, and it looks like if you were a betting kind of person, you’d be right. Today, both Lenovo and Google have announced a partnership in which the former will be making […]

Error Caused Google Translate To Convert Russia To Mordor

Google’s online services are used by billions of people across the globe, it’s free online translation service happens to be very popular, so an error is not likely to go unnoticed. Google has now fixed what it says was an “automated” error which caused its online translation tool convert the words “Russian Federation” into Mordor, in case you’re not aware Mordor isn’t a real place, it’s a fictional dark territory from […]

Google Looking Into The Pixel C’s Poor WiFi Performance

By now WiFi in laptops, phones, and tablets should have been more or less standardized. However sometimes certain things like software, or a blocked antenna could mean less than ideal performance, which seems to be the case with the Google Pixel C device, something that Google will be looking into. According to several user reports, it seems that there are quite a few Pixel C owners who have been complaining […]

Lenovo & Google To Make Project Tango Announcement January 7

If you’re curious about the future of Google’s Project Tango, you might be interested to learn that Google and Lenovo will be teaming up to make an announcement on the 7th of January, as you can see from the teaser above. Interestingly enough this takes place right smack in the middle of CES 2016, which we suppose is as good a platform as any. Unfortunately apart from the image of […]


Some Nexus Owners Experiencing Gmail, Inbox Syncing Issues

If you own a Nexus device and for some reason you are encountering some syncing issues with your Inbox or Gmail accounts, fret not because you are not alone. According to posts on the Google Nexus Help Forum and the AOSP Issue tracker, it seems that there are quite a few users who are afflicted by the issue. According to one of the users affected by this, “I’ll send a […]

Google Exec: iPhone Crystallized Smartphone UI Design

Back in the day when the iPhone had yet to be invented, smartphones existed although safe to say that they never really caught on. There were also plenty of different UIs and designs that customers could choose from, like BlackBerry and PalmPilot, just to name a few, at least until the iPhone came along. From there, according to Google’s vice president of design Matias Duarte, it seemed that the smartphone […]

User Claims Nexus 5X Got So Hot It Melted In His Pocket

Just recently we heard a report about how a man’s iPhone caught on fire while charging. The good news is that it wasn’t on his person so he suffered no damage. Now according to a post on Reddit, a user by the name of AFChimpanse claims that his Nexus 5X actually started to melt while in his pocket. According to his post, “Was just standing outside when i suddenly felt […]

Chrome Extension Will Block Stories About Donald Trump

Donald Trump has certainly been making headlines with a lot of things that he’s been saying. For example, he claims to want to shut off the internet which is actually one of the less extreme things he’s said in recent times. Not everyone is a fan of Trump, so much so that at one point hacking group Anonymous have targeted him in their hacking attempts. That being said if you’d […]

Google Cardboard Helped Doctors Save A Life

Who would have thought that Google Cardboard would come in handy to save a life, knowing that it has been used to start a new life as well earlier this year as a man proposed to his girlfriend via Google Cardboard? Four-month-old Teegan Lexcen, who was born in Minnesota, came into this world with a tiny and malformed heart, while missing a left lung – leaving her with a wee […]

New Google Glass Arrives At The FCC

In March this year, Google’s Eric Schmidt confirmed that its Google Glass project will make a return in the future, although he remained mum back then as to when it would happen. It looks like there is not much longer where one needs to wait, as a spanking new Google Glass model has just hit the FCC, and what makes this upcoming model of Google Glass all the more interesting […]

Google Will Spend $600 Million On Its 15th Global Data Center

Google has announced plans to build its 15th global data center at the former Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in Clarksville, which once used to be home to the Hemlock Semiconductor company, Google has set aside $600 million for this purpose. The location has already been acquired by Hemlock which will then be transformed into its newest global data center to service Google’s search engine and overall app capacity.

“Do Not Disturb Until Next Alarm” Feature Missing From Android 6.0.1

There are some of us who can wake up on the first alarm. Then there are some who needs multiple alarms and snoozes in order to wake up. Google has baked such a feature into Android called “Do not disturb until next alarm”, but unfortunately according to various reports from Android users, that features has oddly disappeared. Google introduced this feature with Android 5.1 but for some reason due to […]

Google Advertises Its iOS & Android Apps On Its Main Page

One of the things that Google is known for would be its front page. Navigating on over to Google.com will display a page that’s clean, minimalistic, and it is usually just accompanied by Google’s logo, a search box, and some buttons. This is unlike other search providers like Yahoo or Bing who tends to display a bit more information. That being said, it looks like Google has decided to utilize […]

Search Google For “Bubble Level” For A Nifty Feature

The thing you have to love about Google is that the answer to your search results can sometimes be displayed at a glance, for example if you wanted to convert something from one measure to another. Or sometimes the search results will display a summary of the answer, with links if you want an expanded answer. Now it seems that Google search can even double up as a tool in […]