Nexus 9 Disappears From The Google Store

The Nexus 9 is a tablet that was introduced in 2014 and represents the first time in a long time that HTC has made a tablet. However could the tablet be discontinued and could we be getting a new model? It certainly seems that way because according to reports, the Nexus 9 tablet has disappeared from the Google Play Store.

Rumored HTC Nexus Handsets Codenamed ‘Marlin’ and ‘Sailfish’

Given how well-received the Nexus 6P from Huawei is, it was rumored that Huawei could be in the running to make this year’s Nexus and a trademark for the “Huawei 7P” seems to have suggested. However it’s starting to look like that might no longer be a possibility, thanks to a tweet by Evan Blass who provided more leaks that HTC could be in the running instead.

Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Close To Graduating

Google has been testing its self-driving car technology for a few years now and recently it even came up with its own prototype of an autonomous car. The company has made no secret of the fact that it wants this to become a real business and that just might happen in the near future. It appears that Google’s self-driving car is close to graduating from X, meaning that it’s ready […]

FTC Expands Investigation Into Android

According to a new report, the Federal Trade Commission has expanded its investigation into Android over concerns that Google is exploiting its dominant position in the smartphone market. Google may not be making phones that everybody is buying but it makes Android, the OS that powers majority of the smartphones being sold across the globe.


Google Makes Calendar More Intelligent With ‘Find A Time’ Feature

Google wants its Calender to be more than just an app you use to check the date or add reminders for important events. It is actively working to make Calendar an assistive and intelligent tool for users, and today it has announced a new “Find a Time” feature for Calendar on Android to make it easier for users to schedule their meetings.

Getty Images Accuses Google Of Promoting Piracy With Image Search

Ever wonder what a certain country looks like without having to visit? You can always get a quick peek by typing in the location and then searching through its images. This is a feature courtesy of Google’s image search which we can only imagine has come in handy many times and for many users.

Google Hangouts For iOS Updated With Share Extension

Ever wanted to share something like a link or a photo in the Google Hangouts app for iOS? If you did, you probably know that it was a bit troublesome thanks to the fact that there is no share extension available for Hangouts. The good news is that if you are a heavy Hangouts users, life just got a lot simpler.

Waze Exploit Lets Strangers Track Your Driving

Waze has a function that lets you share your driving with your friends who use the app as well. This lets your friends keep track of where you are going so they know that you are really on the way, instead of saying you’re on the way but in reality you’ve only just woken up. However it seems that thanks to a recently discovered exploit, it turns out that strangers […]

Google Introduces MODE Snap-And-Swap Bands For Android Wear Smartwatches

Customers who are in the market for a new Android Wear smartwatch have a lot of options to choose from, they can get an Android Wear smartwatch from 12 different brands and can choose from thousands for interchangeable watch faces to suit their style. To provide users with even more options to personalize their smartwatches, Google today introduced MODE snap-and-swap watch bands for Android Wear devices.

Gmail On Android To Get Support For Exchange Accounts

Gmail is Google’s email service and while we’re sure Google would love everyone in the world to just use Gmail, there are plenty of users out there using alternatives, such as Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and so on. Now a couple of years ago Google added support for Yahoo and Outlook, and the good news is that support for Exchange is now here.

Millions Of Android Apps Could Be Coming To Chrome OS Soon

One of the important things when choosing a software platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, and etc. is the amount of apps that are compatible with it. Given that Windows is the dominating platform, it isn’t surprising to see that the majority of software releases have been designed primarily for Windows in mind.

Sony Xperia Z2 Gets Unofficial Android N Dev Preview Port

When Google officially released Android N’s developer preview, they only made it available to Nexus handsets. We suppose this shouldn’t really come as a surprise since Nexus devices are as “pure” as they get when it comes to Android smartphones. However Google later hinted that it could make its way to non-Nexus handsets.

Google May Launch A New Travel App Soon

It appears that Google might launch a new travel app soon. The company is inviting Maps explorers to try its new app for travelers. In the email it’s sending out the company says that it’s going to introduce a new travel assistant app for Android and iPhone and that it’s going to provide select Level 2+ Local Guides a sneak peak before the launch.

Android N Preview Expanded To Sony Xperia Z3

Every year Google releases a developer preview of the upcoming Android release. The previews are almost always limited to Nexus devices so if you don’t own a Nexus smartphone or tablet you can’t flash the beta firmware. In a significant change from the status quo, Google has decided to expand Android N preview to Sony Xperia Z3. Owners will have to flash the preview build manually first after which updates […]