Google Partners With LyricFind To Display Lyrics In Search Results

Have you ever tried to search for lyrics before, only to be taken to a variety of different websites that seems to contain more ads than lyrics? If you’re worried about malware being installed from these websites on your computer, we suppose it is understandable as some of these ads are pretty shady-looking.

Project Bloks By Google Will Teach Kids How To Code

Right now there seems to be a surge in teaching materials that aims to teach younger children how to code. This might range from online classes, to apps, and even toys that are aimed to capture the younger market where playing with toys might be a better way of getting them interested.

Google’s​ ​VR​ ​Expeditions​ ​Now​ ​Open​ ​To​ ​Everyone

Some of you guys might recall that last year Google launched Expeditions. Basically this provided students with the opportunity to go on virtual reality field trips to places they might not normally have the chance to do so, like overseas countries and places that might be hard to access. Unfortunately at that time, it was limited to who could access it.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora Account Hacked

It wasn’t long ago that a hacker group briefly took control of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Pinterest accounts. The dust had barely settled on that incident when we found out earlier today that Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account was hacked which enabled the hackers to also post on his Twitter. It’s a bit embarrassing when people tasked with running services billions of people use get hacked like […]


Google Photos Will Now Sync Deleted Photos

With iCloud Photo Library on iOS, when you delete a photo on your phone, it will also be deleted across devices that share the same photo library. After all the goal here is to sync your photos, so it makes sense that if you delete it from one location, it affects it across the board. Now it looks like Google Photos is offering the same feature.

Google Could Be Redesigning The Android Home Button

Pretty much every phone out there comes with a home button. This lets users return to the main screen to access other apps and functions of the device. Some OEMs opt to create a physical home button, like Apple and Samsung, while others opt for soft/onscreen buttons which some argue is better due to the fact that it isn’t a moving part, meaning less wear and tear.

Rumored Google Support Lets Chat Agents Access Your Smartphone Screen

Looking to get some help with some issues you’re having on your Android phone? One of the ways to do that is to either visit the various Android phones and hope that someone has a solution for you. An alternative would be take it into the shop you bought it from and see if maybe someone there could help you with it.

Google To Release A Non-Nexus Smartphone This Year [Rumor]

So far in terms of smartphones, Google has not made any of the devices themselves. They have instead opened up the bid to other Android OEMs, although presumably Google does have a say in what they want from the phone in terms of features, and what OEMs can and cannot do with their devices.

Huawei Will Keep Using Android As Long As It Remains Open

The other day it was reported that Huawei was building their own mobile operating system in the event that their relationship with Google turns sour, or in the event that Google decides to close Android. Perhaps to reassure users, it has been reported that Huawei’s CEO has stated on Weibo that the company will keep using Android as long as it remains open.

Facebook & Google Reportedly Removing Extremist Videos Online

There are plenty of inappropriate videos online and since companies like YouTube and Facebook and Google can’t possibly police every video themselves, most of the time it is left to users to report these videos to be taken down. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that companies like Facebook and Google are taking a more proactive approach.

Alleged HTC ‘Sailfish’ Nexus Specs Leaked

The last time we saw HTC make an Android device it was with the Nexus 9. However there have been rumors to suggest that 2016’s Nexus could be made by HTC, although there have also been claims that Huawei could be returning to the Nexus scene as well, and given that last year we saw Nexus phones from Huawei and LG, we suppose this is entirely possible.

Huawei Is Building An Alternative OS To Android [Rumor]

Google owns Android and while it might be open source, at the end of the day it still more or less belongs to Google. So far there are no signs that Google has plans to close Android and keep it to themselves, but there’s always that possibility that one day they may very well decide to do so, and this is probably something at the back of every Android manufacturers’ […]

Google Really Wants To Teach You How To Write Android Apps

Google’s Android operating is probably the most used mobile operating system in the world at the moment, which means that when it comes to deciding which platform to develop for, the default choices are pretty much limited to iOS and Android at the moment. To help maintain their dominance, Google has teamed up with Udacity to launch the Android Basics Nanodegree.

Android Pay Will Soon Direct You To Merchants That Accept It

Mobile payment services are great for paying on the go. They eliminate the need to carry multiple payment cards on your person and enable you to get things done quicker at the counter. However, it takes time for these services to be widely accepted by merchants so users often have to find out beforehand if a particular merchant accepts their preferred service. Android Pay could soon make this search easier for […]