Google To Start Making AMP Webpages More Visible In Mobile Search

Last year Google announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. For those unfamiliar with the project, basically this is similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles where pages for certain websites will load more or less instantly, versus the regular loading times that you have been accustomed to. Google announced that it would begin rolling out in early 2016, and sure enough it has.

Google Opens Up Project Shield To More News Websites

From time to time, websites get hacked. One of the favorite and effective ways to take a site down would be through a DDoS attack. This basically involves flooding the site with so many requests till the point where it can’t handle it and shuts down, at least temporarily until it gets rebooted and things are up and running again.

Vizio TV Sets Could Soon Come With Chromecast Built Into It

Right now the Chromecast accessory exists as an external device that users have to plug to their TVs. The upside is that they’re small enough where it won’t really be much of an eyesore, and it also makes it easy to remove and attached to another TV in another room. However all of that could soon change, according to a report from Variety.

Google Fiber Heads To San Francisco

Google’s gigabit internet service is slowly being expanded to more cities across the country. Google Fiber’s next destination is a bit closer to home. The company announced today that Google Fiber is coming to “a portion” of San Francisco, the service will initially be provided only to condos, apartments and affordable housing units.


Spotify Moving Data To Google

Spotify has announced that it’s going to move much of its data from its own servers to Google’s Cloud Platform. This move won’t change the fact that Spotify’s music files will continue to be hosted on a storage service being provided by Amazon. The music streaming service is moving its core infrastructure to Google’s platform because Google’s data analytics capabilities are far superior to its own.

Google Robot Transforms Selfies Into Art

It looks like the folks over at Google are interested in other aspects of life and technology compared to mere Internet search (and have been for some time now), as they now have shown off a robot that is capable of actually transforming selfies into line-drawn art, now how about that when it comes to breaking down the wall between man and machine? It does lend a look to the […]

Coca-Cola Turns Its Packaging Into A Google Cardboard VR Headset

With the amount of Coca-Cola that is consumed every year, it also means that there are a lot of packaging and Coca-Cola cartons that get thrown away. While recycling is a possibility, what about reusing them? Turns out Coca-Cola has a potential idea for its packaging, and that is to turn it into a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset.

Lenovo Has ‘Augmented Reality’ Phone In Its Mind

Lenovo, fresh from having reiterated their commitment to the Moto brand at MWC 2016, is also looking to endow mature markets with a spanking new ‘augmented reality’ phone. According to China’s Lenovo Group’s chief executive, the company would like to enter mature markets this summer with its new handset that will boast of ‘augmented reality’ features which have been developed under Google’s Tango project.

Google Compare Will Be Shutting Down March 23

Last year Google launched a service in the US called Google Compare which basically allowed users to compare credit card rates, mortgages, car insurances, and more. It made sense for the company to launch such a service and put all the information in front of the user, like what they’ve done with word definitions, movie release dates, short summaries of TV shows, and more.

Google Play Music Will Show YouTube Videos In Search Results

Say you’re looking for a song on Google Play Music, but then you realize that you’d much rather watch its music video than listen to the song itself. This usually means you will have to fire up the YouTube app or your browser which is frankly speaking, an additional step that could have been saved.

Google Fiber Installation Causes Damage & Disruption In Austin

Google Fiber has certainly made its way across various places in the US, and Austin, Texas is one of them, having its pricing revealed in November 2014 before it went live a few days after the price was revealed to the masses. However, not everyone is too happy with the way in which Google Fiber was installed in the area. As Google started to install the infrastructure in order to […]

Google Fiber Coming To Huntsville

Google has gradually been expanding its gigabit internet service in more cities across the country. Given the significant amount of work that’s required to set up the infrastructure it has to make sure that it’s on the same page with the city and community which is why these announcements are usually made by city officials. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle announced today that Google Fiber will be coming to their city.

Google Search Removes Ads From The Right-Hand Side

Don’t freak out if you no longer see ads on the right-hand side of Google Search results, that’s because Google is changing the way it displays ads on desktop searches. From now on ads will only be shown at the top and bottom of the search results page. Previously the company used to display ads on the top, bottom and right-hand side of the search results based on a query. […]

Google Chrome Could Be Getting ‘Morning Read’ Magazine-like Features

If there is one thing refreshing about Google is that its main page is clean and uncluttered and where you only have a search bar. This is versus search engines from back in the day like Yahoo and Lycos where they acted as web portals, and where they tried to load as much information on the front page as possible, like news, sports, the weather, stock information, and etc.