Google Docs Now Lets You Share Files With Expiration Dates

Google Docs is a great online resource for sharing documents with multiple users and collaborating with them in real-time. Document owners have full control over who they want to provide access to which they can then revoke once the job has been done. Google is now making it easier to provide limited access to your documents, they can be shared with an expiration date, and once that date expires the […]

Google Adds Metronome Card To Search

Want to find out the answer to a calculation but you’re too lazy to type it yourself? You can just paste in the formula and Google will be able to spit the answer back out to you. Want to know the weather? Just put it into Google and you will get the answer right there and then. These are little conveniences that Google has included in its Search page over […]

Google Opinion Rewards Asking For Possible Android N Names

When Google releases new builds of Android, it usually takes a while before a name can be decided on. Last year we had Android M which remained that way for a while before it was decided that it should be called Marshmallow. This year we have Android N and so far it’s anyone’s guess as to what it will be called.

Hangouts 8.0 For iOS Brings Support For 60 Second Videos

We’re not sure how many of you guys knew this, but in the Google Hangouts app for iOS, users could record and send each other 10 second video clips. This feature was introduced in 2014 in Hangouts 2.0. Now if you knew about this and was hoping for a longer video recording time, you’re in luck.


DeepMind Might Want To Have A Go At StarCraft

It looks like Google’s AlphaGo (which is a program by DeepMind) has gotten the upper hand for more than once over the Lee Sedol, human world champion in the complex game of Go, and it is rather easy to see why, as the sheer brute force of computing power, accompanied by the fact that computers will not weary nor get tired at all, against a human who has emotions and […]

Smart Reply Now Available On Inbox By Gmail On The Web

Inbox by Gmail is a new email management app by Google that’s not being billed as a replacement for Gmail just yet, however, it’s a platform where Google gets to try out some new features for email management, and Inbox is already being used by millions of people across the globe. Late last year Inbox by Gmail received a very interesting feature called Smart Reply. It has been limited to […]

Google Integrates More Car Services In Google Maps

There are rumors that Google is developing its own Uber competitor but until that happens it’s going to allow you to hail an Uber from the Google Maps app. Uber was actually one of the first car services that were integrated into Maps but it’s certainly not going to be the only one. Google is integrating a slew of other car services in Google Maps so you’re always spoilt for […]

Night Mode Makes An Appearance In Android N

Last year when Google announced Android 6.0 Marshmallow, one of the features noticed in the developer preview was a Dark theme setting. What this does is that it gives the UI a dark makeover which when used at night, is less glaring than having a white UI shining into your eyes. Unfortunately the feature never made it to the final release.

Android N Lets Users Adjust Their Display Calibration

If there is one way that handset makers differentiate themselves from the others is through its display. We’re sure you’ve noticed why some displays might look more vibrant than others, and while display technology matters, it also boils down to how the handset maker has chosen to calibrate their display.

Android Users Can Soon Test Games Directly From Google Search

There are many games out there for mobile, but not every single one of them is worth playing. Some games look like they might be fun, only to have them turn out to be the complete opposite. Now if you’d rather not spend your time and data downloading an entire game to find out it’s a dud, Google has some news for you.

Google Reassures OTA Updates For Android N Even If Flashed Manually

Last week Google released the developer preview for Android N. Some of you guys might have been pretty excited about it and might have gone and downloaded the system image to flash the OS onto your phone manually. Now if you’re regretting that decision because you think that you won’t get OTA updates, you can rest easy.

Android N Lets You Drag And Drop Text Between Apps

As some of you guys might have already heard, the developer preview of Android N has been released. Now when it comes to copying and pasting on smartphones, it isn’t as easy compared to using a computer, but it seems that Android N is hoping to solve that by allowing users to drag and drop text from app to app.

Google Creates An Offline Voice Recognition System

The problem with pretty much all voice assistant software and voice recognition applications is that they need a connection to a server in order to process your request. Sometimes we have to wonder if this is completely necessary, especially when there are certain requests that are small and simple enough where a connection isn’t really required.

Android N For The Nexus 5 Is Still A Possibility

When Google released the developer preview of Android N, the handsets and devices with the software included the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, the Pixel C, and the Android One handset. Missing from that list is the Nexus 5 which was released back in 2013, making it a 3-year old device.