Google Testing Drones That Can Deliver 5G Internet [Rumor]

Google’s Project Loon wants to cover the world with internet, even in places where internet access has not yet been established, thanks to the use of hot air balloons. However according to a report from The Guardian, Google is reportedly testing out a new method of internet delivery, and this is time it is through the use of drones.

Google Beefs Up Its VR Team, Shuffles Employees Around

With the surprising launch of Google Cardboard several years ago, Google’s interest in virtual reality was made pretty clear. However as is the case with most Google products, the company simply provided an idea and opened it up to manufacturers who went on to create their own versions of Cardboard, along with developers who then created apps for it.

Google’s VirusTotal Can Now Scan Firmware For Malware

We’re not sure how many of you guys knew this, but Google has a subsidiary company in the form of VirusTotal. It is a website that lets users upload files so that it will be able to scan for all kinds of malware, so the next time you have a file you might be suspicious of, upload it to VirusTotal and will scan it for you for free.

Self-Driving Google Cars To Appear In 4 More US Cities

It looks like Google’s self-driving cars could see action in another quartet of US cities some time later this year, at least according to a filing at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Apparently, a certain Chris Urmson, who is director of Google’s self-driving car program, put in a request to renew the Internet giant’s Experimental Authority for radio transmitters operating in the 76 GHz range on January 26th, where these […]


This Is How Much Google Paid The Guy Who Owned

Remember last year when a man by the name of Sanmay Ved managed to own the domain to one of the most popular websites in the world,, for a brief minute in time? As you might recall from our report, Google was quick to get it back and because it was their slip up, they decided to reward Ved for his efforts at bringing it to their attention and […]

Google Will Shut Down “My Tracks” Fitness App

We’re not sure how many of you guys knew, but back in 2009, Google launched a fitness tracking app called My Tracks. The basic idea of the app is to track your fitness, like speed, distance, elevation, and so on, especially when you’re out running, jogging, cycling, and other kinds of physical activities.

Google Now Icon Updated

If you have been a Google Now subscriber for quite some time already, surely you are used to the very notion of notification logos appearing in the top corner of the screen each time there is an update to a score in a game, or perhaps a weather alert of an incoming blizzard – it does not matter, it just appears. For instance, a tiny soccer ball icon would indicate […]

Chrome 48 For iOS Is Faster And More Stable

While Chrome might be the default browser on the desktop for many, when it comes to iOS devices, some users might choose to use Safari simply because Apple’s default browser for iOS is noticeably faster and more stable than the Chrome app for mobile. Google has been making changes and improvements over the year, and the latest update might be of interest to some.

Google Brings Commenting To Its Mobile Office Suite

Google’s mobile office suite is great for viewing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go. Creating and editing, we reckon there’s still some work to be done, but overall it’s pretty good if you’re just after some simple stuff. However if there is one feature that is missing, it would be the ability to leave comments.

Google Play Store Doesn’t Let Users Thumb Down Reviews Anymore

Reviews are helpful to know if an app you’re buying really does what it says. Sometimes app can overpromise and underdeliver, or sometimes an update to the app can render it useless until a fix comes along, so these are things that new users want to know before they hit that download/purchase button.

Google Has Shipped 5 Million Cardboard VR Viewers

There are plenty of VR headsets available in the market right now, everyone from Samsung to Chinese vendors are making them these days, and most of them cost under $99 unless you’re going for options like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. Over a year ago Google came out with a more affordable alternative and that was Cardboard. The company has announced today that it has now shipped more than […]

Google’s ‘Mobile Delivery Receptacle’ Will Receive Your Drone Deliveries

Amazon isn’t the only company that wants to use drones to deliver packages, Google’s Project Wing looks to do the same, and many courier services are taking a shot at this idea as well. What about receiving drone deliveries? You could stand outside and stare up at the sky to see where the drone is or perhaps you’d be better off the ‘mobile delivery receptacle’ that Google has just been […]

Google Hangouts 7.0 Update Comes With Quick Reply Feature

We know that Google is pushing more people to use its Hangouts app, and if you are a heavy Hangouts user, you might be interested to learn that Google has recently pushed out an update for the app which brings a much requested feature to it: the ability to quick reply messages that pop up on your notifications.

Google Glass Related Social Media Accounts Have Been Shut Down

When Google announced that they would be ending the first-gen Glass wearable, they were also quick to announce that a new one would be in the works. However recently Google has made some changes that has us questioning the future of the project, namely when they started closing all social media accounts that are related to the project.