HTC Confirms That The Nexus 9 Has Been Discontinued

Earlier this year, the Nexus 9 was being offered at a 40% discount which led some to believe that maybe HTC and Google were trying to offload some existing stock. Later the tablet simply disappeared from the Google Store which then led to speculation that the tablet was being discontinued, possibly in favor of a newer model.

Google Building New Development Center For Self-Driving Cars

Google has been working on its self-driving car technology for years. It ultimately created its own prototype self-driving car and is now working with Fiat Chrysler on baking the technology inside its minivans. The company today announced that it’s creating a new “self-driving technology development center” in Novi, Michigan, some 30 miles northwest of Detroit.

Google Maps Will Be Getting More Ads

Google Maps is an amazing navigational tool, whether you need it to find your way to your destination while you’re driving or walking, or if you want to find out train/bus times and routes, or if you’re looking for interesting places that are near you. All these features are “free” in the sense that users don’t have to pay for it.

Android Pay Introduces Support For More Banks

It was last week that we brought you word on how Android Pay can be used to withdraw money from Bank of America ATMs. Well, it seems that there is not all there is to it where Android Pay is concerned, as we bring you word that Android Pay has now included support for even more banks, so you might be interested to check out whether your bank is on […]


Google Store Drops Nexus Player

The inevitable has happened to the Nexus Player after all this while – it is no longer available for purchase from the Google Store. Ah well, this is but the circle of life, even for hardware, as nothing remains forever as new models are released from time to time. While the release of the Nexus Player with Android TV did come with a pretty slick interface alongside solid streaming options, […]

Polaroid 4K Ultra HD LED Models Are Powered by Google Cast

It looks like the newly renamed Google Cast is in for a good time, as Polaroid has just revealed their new 4K Ultra HD LED models which will be powered by none other than, Google Cast, of course. This is an exciting strategic partnership with Google, as the new Polaroid 4K connected TV line will incorporate Google Cast, ensuring that consumers will not have to burn a hole in their […]

Android N Enables Chrome Windows To Split

Have you had an overdose of Android N in the past week? Well, if you have answered in the negative, perhaps it would be all right to check out the fact that Android N does allows Chrome windows in both sides of a split screen, now how about that? After all, the split screen happens to be a standard feature for mobile platforms that is gaining popularity, for the simple […]

Google Explains Why You Can No Longer Swap Out Project Ara’s CPU

When Project Ara was first announced, it was supposed to be the phone aimed at the enthusiast crowd who might enjoy putting together a phone as they would a PC. The phone was supposed to be completely modular where anything and everything could be swapped out, but that has since changed as Google has scaled it back quite a bit.

Snowden Isn’t A Fan Of Google’s New Allo Messaging App

During its keynote at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference, Google announced a couple of new messaging applications one of which is called Allo. It walked us through most of the app’s features during the keynote and they really are quite impressive. Google touted the messaging app’s safety and security features as well but apparently it wasn’t able to convince Edward Snowden, the man who showed us the true extent […]

Project Ara’s Commercial Release Set For 2017

Back in 2014, Google’s modular smartphone Project Ara entered into beta. This was promising as many were looking forward to actually getting their hands on the commercially available handset, and a beta would mean that things are on their merry way. Unfortunately no word on the project until 2015 where Google reassured that the project was not dead.

Google Discourages In-App Purchases For Daydream VR Apps

There are a few ways developers can make money from apps. They can sell it as a one-off purchase; they can release it for free and make money from apps, they can give it away for free and rely on in-app purchases; or they can sell it and charge for in-app purchases too. Now as much as we’re sure you hate in-app purchases, they are lucrative.

Chrome Will Soon Stop Using Backspace As A Back Button

When it comes to navigating your browser history, pressing the backspace button on your keyboard can act as a back button for certain browsers, such as Chrome. However it seems that this has not been the greatest idea because a number of users have complained about how accidentally pressing the back button has caused them to lose form data.

Qualcomm Wants To Help Google Bake Android Into Vehicles

Want to get Android in your car? Chances are you will need to get a car that comes with Android Auto, get an aftermarket solution, or wait for the update that lets you run Android Auto in its entirety on your phone. Or maybe you could just wait for the day when Android comes baked into your vehicle itself.

Android N Seamless Update Not Coming To Existing Devices

One of the features of Android N that Google shared at Google I/O 2016 is seamless updates. This is a feature borrowed from Chrome OS and if you were excited by this news, you might be in for some disappointment because as it turns out, unless you are planning on buying a new phone, your existing handset will not be able to take advantage of it.