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Fujitsu car navigation system helps you find your car
Have you ever gotten stuck in a situation where were unable to remember for the life of you, just where you managed to park your vehicle? Fujitsu intends to help you out if you happen to have an iPhone, that is, where their car navigation system that is stored on an SD memory card will be able to use your iPhone to guide you to exactly where you last parked […]

Magellan RoadMate 2.0 keeps you informed while on the road
Magellan has just announced an update to its RoadMate app that’s available for the iPhone. Now version 2.0, the RoadMate app provides a new user interface, free lifetime maps, free traffic updates, Yelp API and Google local search for the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Other features include POI (points of interest) sharing, a OneTouch favorites menu, and highway lane assist. Users can also take phone calls (not recommended unless […]

Google Maps Navigation to go offline
According to Dutch tech site All About Phones, they say that Google Maps Navigation will end up with a true offline version before summer is over. This might very well be true, as the Android app received an update last December which allowed it to cache routes and the surrounding areas, but as long as there is no available data connection, you could not enter a new destination. It seems […]

DeLorme inReach GPS Communicator paves the way for 2-way texting
Portable GPS manufacturer DeLorme has come up with their latest product which was worked on in conjunction with Iridium. Known as the inReach, this super small device will sport a similar feature to that of traditional cell phones, where it allows you to not only receive but send free text messages as well – as long as they remain within the 160 characters limit. Of course, in order for you […]


Pentax O-GPS1 helps you remember where you took those photos
The integration of GPS technology into cameras are extremely useful – especially when you’ve taken a whole tour of Europe, and can’t really remember just where you were when that particular photo was taken. Well, Pentax has jumped aboard the GPS bandwagon with the O-GPS1 unit that will deliver basic location data alongside an array of original features. Meant for use only with Pentax digital SLR cameras (obviously), the Pentax […]

Pioneer Floating Vision display lets you "touch" 3D visuals
Pioneer recently showed off a new technology called its “Floating Vision” display – the glasses-free 3D display that lets users interact with the floating images, offering a totally brand new input experience. The display, which Pioneer plans to use in their future car navigation systems, looks like a whole bunch load of fun to play around with – users can push icons onto a map to make different locations show […]

Toyota introduces wrong-way driving alert in navigation systems
Toyota might have been the prime example of how to run a corporation more than a decade ago, with its explosive growth across North America and the rest of the world, due to their manufacturing process and quality standards. Some recalls have slowed down their growth somewhat, not to mention the slump in the auto industry, but that does not mean they have given up being trailblazers. Toyota has just […]

Pioneer AppRadio: In-Dash iPhone Apps
Earlier today Pioneer has showed us the Pioneer AppRadio, an in-dash device that integrates the iPhone 4 to your car in a way that no other solution does. AppRadio is basically a multi-touch display that is designed to be mounted and completely integrated to your car. You can view it as a peripheral for the iPhone 4, where the apps are displayed. In order to run on the AppRadio, iPhone […]

Garmin Montana is one rugged and versatile GPS device
Garmin has just announced the launch of the Montana GPS device. It features a rugged design with multiple mounting and battery options, dual-orientation and screen layout options to support a wide range of Garmin maps. It even has a barometric altimeter for elevation profiling and the ability to profile the route ahead using the included worldwide elevation model. It packs a 4″ touchscreen display, a 3-axis compass and even a […]

Garmin nuLink! 2390 hits the FCC
The FCC has taken a gander at the latest GPS navigation unit from Garmin, where it will be known as the nuLink! 2390. The FCC has given their nod of approval for its Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to GSM bands 850 and 1900. With those GSM bands, it will make it “special” in a sense since they would enable Live Services including Google Local Search, 3D traffic data, and weather […]

Navigon offers a major free update MobileNavigator on Android platform
Navigon has just announced that they will be releasing a major update to the MobileNavigator app on the Android platform, and to make things more attractive, this will be a free – good on you Navigon, for understanding just how tight some of our belts are at the moment, so with it not costing you a single cent, you need not fret about stretching your budget for the month.Unfortunately, there […]

Magellan launches 7" RoadMate 9055-LM
Magellan, manufacturer of GPS navigation units has announced the addition of a new navigation device to its lineup of GPS devices. Called the RoadMate 9055-LM, it is the first large screen offering from Magellan to offer free lifetime map updates. Designed for Minivans, SUVs, RVs and trucks, the RoadMAte 9055-LM features a large 7″ high-definition WVGA screen that displays maps, directions, and traffic to guide drivers towards their destinations.The RoadMate […]

Pioneer shows off AVIC-VH09CS augmented reality car navigation system
Augmented reality (AR) has been one of the most exciting technologies to be introduced in recent years and it’s no surprise to see it combined with existing tech to make life better. One of the most useful ways it has been implemented is with navigation devices. Route 66 has done it with their Route 66 Maps + Navigation, and now Pioneer is onboard with the technology as well.Pioneer has recently […]

Samsung SENS-240 navigation tablet launched
Samsung has just introduced an interesting new hybrid tablet on the market in Korea. Called the SENS-240, the tablet acts more like a car navigation system instead of a regular tablet. Pairing up with your Samsung Android smartphone through Bluetooth, the tablet can be used to bring you voice, data, voice search, and video features on the big screen (it’s relatively big compared to your smartphone), along with your navigation […]