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Garmin Forerunner GPS watch gets a touchscreen
Garmin has just announced the launch of a new GPS watch – the Forerunner 610, and it sports a touchscreen. Since it’s meant to be taken outdoors for serious running it won’t be just any touchscreen but a waterproof one. It is also responsive enough so that it can be operated with running gloves on. With features such as a pace, distance and time meter, a heart rate monitor, and […]

TomTom PRO 9150 arrives in North America, and not a moment too soon
The TomTom PRO 9150 has now made its way to North America, where it is a spanking new navigation solution which was specially manufactured simply because it will help businesses improve their productivity. Being a portable fleet management solution, this one has no need for any installation and can be transferred over in a jiffy amongst vehicles in a fleet. Thanks to improved route guidance and real-time traffic updates with […]

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch tells the right time wherever you are
If you’re constantly travelling around the world, you might face problems like forgetting to set the time on your watch when you hop from country to country, leading to missing flights and possibly, important meetings. Well the folks over at Citizen have come up with a solution – the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch. Instead of relying on users to calculate the time, or even radio waves to get accurate times, […]

448Gbps a possibility in the future
We have seen the future, and it is not the number of the beast that will feature prominently – instead, it will be 448Gbps that will be lingering on everyone’s lips. After all, this new benchmark is extremely impressive, since it was actually achieved using commercial fiber hardware that is readily available, thanks to the efforts of a few teams of researchers. Among them are the Sant’Anna School of Advanced […]


GLONASS/GPS receiver from SkyTraq announced
SkyTraq has just announced a spanking new GLONASS/GPS receiver – guess just how compact it is? We’re looking at a super diminutive form factor of just 25mm x 25mm, and despite its size, it is touted to be a high performance, low-power model. Playing nice by being compatible with popular 25mm x 25mm GPS receivers, it can function as a direct drop-in replacement to folks who want to upgrade their […]

TomTom HD Traffic shows you which way not to take home
Traffic jams are horrible, and (almost) nobody ever enjoys sitting through them. But thanks to modern technology, we now have solutions to bypass such problems. TomTom has just released its HD Traffic service online for free. This online map service does more than show you how to get to your destination – it points out which areas are highly congested with vehicles at the moment. With updates every 2 minutes, […]

Garmin nuvi 2575 GPS appears on the FCC
Dedicated GPS navigation systems aren’t too popular these days simply because the nature of convergence in devices as well as advances in miniaturization has allowed a GPS chipset to be crammed into something as small as a smartphone, working equally well to boot. Still, Garmin flies the flag for dedicated GPS devices by sending their Garmin nuvi 2575 GPS over to the FCC, from whence we do know that the […]

Google Maps Navigation beta updated
Google has just updated the beta version of Google Maps Navigation, bringing a welcome feature to the navigation app on Android phones. The latest version of Navigation now provides users with automatic routing based on real-time traffic conditions. Instead of simply calculating the shortest distance you need to travel to reach a destination, the app takes into consideration the traffic conditions of the location and the time of day, based […]

Route 66 Maps + Navigation makes use of Augmented Reality
We all know how hard it is to follow another driver sometimes. Due to bad driving habits or unpredictable traffic, it’s very often that one loses sight of the other car and ends up taking the wrong turn. Well now, thanks to Route 66 Maps + Navigation, we won’t have to anymore. This GPS navigation app was launched at the Mobile World Congress and has an impressive feature that other […]

Garmin tracker lets you keep an eye on your belongings
If you’re paranoid about losing your luggage, laptop or anything in particular and wished that you could have Mobile Me to help you locate all your stuff in the event that you lose your possessions or they get stolen, Garmin has a solution for you. Called the Garmin Tracker, this nifty little device is will basically keep you in the loop wherever the tracker (or object you place it with) […]

Ghost Rider GPS tracker has no hellfire
Now this Ghost Rider is not going to give you the Penance Stare, although if you’re a parent and use it on your kids, you might give the Penance Stare to them when they have been caught to go to places which they weren’t supposed to. Of course, the Ghost Rider GPS tracker will also work just fine for those who suffer from short term memory loss or Alzheimer’s, since […]

Eco-Navigator helps you save fuel and money
It goes without saying that having a heavy right foot while driving tends to waste fuel while creating more carbon emissions than desired, but altering driving habits can be a pretty tricky process. Good thing the Eco-Navigator device is here to help, where it will let you know how to get to your destination courtesy of Navteq maps of the U.S., Canada, Europe and China – but its goodness doesn’t […]

Softbank and ZTE introduce simple one-button emergency phone
Despite phones getting more and more powerful, there are still folks who need really simple phones, such as the elderly. Now a new phone from Japan’s Softbank and ZTE is probably as simple as it gets as it only has one button and is designed to call an emergency contact when the caller needs help. Once the call is made, the device will send out an automated email with GPS […]

DeLorme World Base Map ready for download
DeLorme has just announced their breakthough topographic World Base Map which is ready for download for any DeLorme GPS and desktop software customers. Previously, it was available only as a worldwide data set, but the DeLorme World Base Map now lets users select the scope of coverage they want. Basically, you pay just a penny per 100 square kilometers (minimum order of $10), and the downloaded data will be shown […]