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The Witcher Gets Another Spinoff In ‘Thronebreaker’
CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher series has officially come to an end, at least as far as the current trilogy is concerned. However a spinoff called Gwent was announced a couple of years ago which is based on a minigame within The Witcher series, and now it looks like another spinoff has been confirmed.

The Witcher’s ‘Gwent’ Public Beta To Kick Off Next Week
With The Witcher video game trilogy officially coming to a close and with CD Projekt Red pretty much stating that there are no plans for a fourth The Witcher title, this leaves players with Gwent, a game based on a mini-game in The Witcher that was announced last year. For those interested in the game, the public beta has been announced for next week.

The Witcher’s Gwent Card Game Closed Beta Delayed To October
During E3, the folks at CD Projekt RED announced a new game called Gwent. This is digital card game that is based on a mini game found inside The Witcher 3. It seems that the game was so popular that the developers decided that it was good enough to stand on its own. There were even plans to launch a closed beta next month.

The Witcher’s ‘Gwent’ To Be Launched As A Standalone Game
Last week thanks to a trademark filing, it was hinted that the folks at CD Projekt RED could be interested in launching Gwent as a standalone game. In case you’ve never played The Witcher 3, Gwent is a card game that is played inside The Witcher 3 as a minigame of sorts. Turns out the speculation was right on the money because a standalone version of the game has been […]