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Voice Activated R2-D2 makes toys a little bit geekier than they already are
Artoo, as he is affectionately known in the world of Star Wars, is back in a new form from Hammacher as the Voice Activated R2-D2. This motorized replica is smart enough to respond to various voice commands, going up and about rooms as well as hallways in his usual gait. Capable of obeying over 40 voice commands (“Turn around!,” “Move forward two units!” are just two of those), he can […]

Personal Submarine is new mode of transport for uber rich
So you think you’ve got it made in life, eh? Well, instead of chasing after yet another exotic car to add to your collection, why not sink a cool $2 million into this Personal Submarine? After all, the thrill of driving through town with your supercar’s top down gets old fast, so why not bring your chick aboard this spacecraft-looking two-person underwater vessel the next time you really want to […]

Clarity C4230 Phone can be heard around the neighborhood
OK, so the title is a bit of an exaggeration on our part, but the Clarity C4230 Phone is surely one loud puppy, capable of pumping out 50dB audio whenever there is an incoming call, while letting you roam 30% farther when compared to your previous wireless home phone system. Apart from that, you also get an additional 8 hours of standby battery life. There is also an integrated answering […]

Home EKG Monitor
Are you a health caregiver in your home, or do you just keep extra close tabs on your current health condition so that you can sleep easy at night, knowing you’ve done your best to remain healthy? The Home EKG Monitor might help you as this FDA-approved handheld cordless device allows you to monitor your heart’s rhythm without having to go to the good doctor’s office. This is made possible […]


GPS Travelogue records your travels
If you happen to be a frequent traveler, then the GPS Travelogue sounds right up your alley. After all, it is capable of tracking and recording virtually everywhere you go. All recorded data will then be uploaded to online mapping applications including Google Earth, and all locations are stored in real-time on its built-in 64MB internal memory. Of course, you can also set it to record your position at intervals […]

Foldaway Massage Chair
Times are still hard even though the cloud of recession seems to be moving on, which means you still need to put in all the extra hours in order to render yourself relevant to the company. Well, all that stress could turn you into a nervous wreck, which is why the Foldaway Massage Chair offers an invigorating leg and foot massage without taking up too much space at the office. […]