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Hello Kitty MP3 player from iRiver
iRiver has just unveiled their latest MP3 player that will definitely be a hit with Hello Kitty fans, even though it won’t offer anything groundbreaking. Guess this shows just how large the Hello Kitty fanbase is – heck, just slap a sticker of that white mouthless feline on a brick and pass it off as a Hello Kitty paperweight, it will probably sell millions as well. Packing in just 2GB […]

Hello Kitty Taser Gun
I don’t know about you, but cute and brutal just don’t go together – which is why the Hello Kitty Taser Gun is a pretty ironic device to own. After all, who would want to share their stories of being tased by a Hello Kitty-loving cop? Well, at least it does look more like a girl’s toy to fool criminals before they realize too late that they’re on the receiving […]

Hello Kitty OKWAP A316 Gets 3G
Who would’ve taken a Hello Kitty phone seriously? Well, the makers behind the Hello Kitty OKWAP A316 are pretty serious in what they do by offering 3G connectivity in addition to GSM tri-band 900/1800/1900 support as well, making it go down nicely with your Hello Kitty handbag and Crystal Gem Sticker. You won’t find anything out of the ordinary with this, featuring a 2.2″ LCD display alongside a 2-megapixel camera, […]