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HP's Upcoming Tablet Seen In Leaked Picture
It hasn’t been long since we heard that HP is developing some new Android tablets. These probably won’t be a high-end affair. The company is expected to offer mid-range specifications in these tablets in order to price them competitively against rivals and cater specifically to this particular market. A leaked picture of one such tablet has appeared online which hints at the design language that HP might use across this new […]

A Handful Of Unannounced HP Tablets Leaked
Just last week we caught wind that HP could be working on a new tablet called the HP Slate 8 Plus. This is thanks to a listing on the WiFi Alliance website which revealed the device’s name and some of its specs.While we have no way of confirming whether or not the device is real, @evleaks has recently posted some photos of an unannounced HP tablet which could be the […]

HP Slate 8 Plus Tablet Is In The Pipeline
When it comes to tablet devices, the folks over at HP have had their fair share of releases in the past, although this time around, the purported HP Slate 8 Plus has been spotted over in a Wi-Fi certification site that depicts the rumored tablet as running on the Android mobile operating system platform, has 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as support for dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5GHz networks.

Android Powered HP Slatebook 14 Spotted On Website
While HP might have tried to break into the mobile market a couple of years ago with its webOS tablet, safe to say that their efforts have failed, but at the same time it seems that it did not stop them from taking advantage of the Google Android platform to launch newer products. Well if you are in the market for an Android-powered device from HP, it seems that the […]


PC Shipments See 4.4% YOY Decline, According To IDC
Is the demand for the PC starting to slip in the face of smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks as viable alternatives? Well it would seem so because according to a recent report from the IDC, they have reported that worldwide PC shipments totaled 73.4 million units in the first quarter of 2014. This is actually a 4.4% decline year-on-year which does not bode well for PC manufacturer.However it seems that despite […]

HP Slate 8 Pro Business Tablet Arrives Silently
HP is still in the tablet business just in case you were wondering, but their offerings are far from being as numerous as the ones Samsung and Apple have made available. I guess they target a very niche market, and here we are with word that the HP Slate 8 Pro Business Tablet has arrived on their online store, which so happens to be an updated model of the HP […]

HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition Spotted On WiFi Alliance Website
Back in 2013, HP announced a series of tablet models that are part of its HP Slate 7 series of Android tablets. Now it seems that HP could be getting ready to launch a new version of the Slate 7 tablet, thanks to a recent sighting on the WiFi Alliance website which revealed that the device recently gained certification.The exact specifications of this particular model remain a mystery, but if […]

HP Slate 8 Pro 7650 Appears At The FCC
HP might be focused on the notebook and desktop markets a whole lot more compared to churning out tablets, but this does not mean that they have gotten away from the tablet game completely after all these years. There is the HP Slate 8 Pro which was first mentioned last year, in addition to entry level Android-powered tablets rolling out just last month. Having said that, the HP Slate 8 […]

HP 3D Printers Expected In June
Even though 3D printing has become popular over the years, the technology isn’t widespread in the market. When they first materialized, 3D printers were quite expensive. Over the years costs have come down significantly, but there’s a lot more that needs to be done if companies want to put a 3D printer in every home. HP might have figured out how to do just that. CEO Meg Whitman told investors […]

HP Launches Low-End Android Tablet
Budget or low-end Android devices do end up doing a lot of business in the market, which is why most companies try to offer devices that cater to this segment of the market as well. HP happens to be one of those companies, and it has launched a new budget Android tablet, adding it to its U.S. tablet lineup. HP 8 1401 doesn’t offer spectacular specifications, but its $170 price […]

HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Enterprise Tablet Announced
When we talk about tablets, chances are you might be thinking about tablets like the iPad, the Nexus 7, and so on. Those are tablets designed for consumers, but what about those in the enterprise who might want something a little more robust? Well that’s where HP comes in with their brand new ElitePad 1000 G2 which the company is calling a “total business solution”. So what makes this an […]

HP Proliant Server Updates Only For Customers Under Warranty After February 19
Now this is certainly a surprising move to just about anyone who hears about this – apparently, computing giant HP has announced that they will be offering firmware updates to HP ProLiant servers only that happen to be still under warranty, and this new policy is all set to kick off after February 19th. In a press release by Vice President HP Servers – Support Technology Services, Mary McCoy, mentioned, […]

HP Clarifies They Are Not Dropping Windows 8
Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system is Windows 8, but it seems that the platform might not be as well-received as Microsoft would like. In fact a recent ad and announcement by HP seemed to highlight that. Just last week, HP announced that they will be bringing back their Windows 7 PCs, which were apparently due to “popular demand”, suggesting that HP might not have as much faith in the Windows […]

Qualcomm Buys Palm and IPAQ Patents
Qualcomm has just announced that it is buying the Palm and IPAQ portfolios of patents from HP which represent a combined 2400 patents, some of which have been granted, while others are still in the application process. Qualcomm did not elaborate on the motivation behind this purchase, but the language of the press release hints to an acquisition that aims at strengthening Qualcomm’s portfolio of patents, rather than aimed at […]