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HP Windows 7 PCs Are Back By 'Popular Demand'
Windows 8 wasn’t adopted as enthusiastically as Windows 7. The public has different opinions about the former, some dislike the touch UI and say that it shouldn’t have been introduced for desktop PCs, where some like the new UI changes that Microsoft has made. Microsoft might have relied upon OEM partners to push its latest Windows iteration through their products, which would definitely help in increasing adoption as well as shaping […]

HP Chromebook 11 LTE Available Now For $379
There is no doubt in the fact that Chromebooks have gained a lot of popularity over the past year, which has resulted into a surge in sales. According to a report, Chromebooks accounted for over 21 percent of all U.S. notebook shipments in 2013. A new crop of Chrome OS powered notebooks were unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show last week, so customers are definitely spoilt for choice. Though […]

HP To Release New Smartphones In India
The folks over at HP have confirmed that they will be introducing their new smartphones later this year in India, after taking a three year plus hiatus. The two smartphones that will roll out will include the 6-inch Slate 6 and 7-inch Slate 7 VoiceTab, where both of them will be powered by the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. I do wonder whether the new handsets, when released in […]

Digitimes: HP Looks At $250 Devices
HP did involve themselves in the world of smartphones before, where their Windows Mobile devices (yes, you read that right – Windows Mobile and not Windows Phone, going to show how long ago that was) did make some waves in the mobile market back then. Having said that, HP might very well be looking at entering the mobile device market game again, where the folks over at DigiTimes have reported […]


HP Rumored To Launch $200 Phablet Very Soon
HP did not have much luck with its webOS smartphone, perhaps it might have luck with an Android powered device. There has been chatter before that the company is working on an Android smartphone, but so far nothing has materialized. Rumor has it that HP might be launching its first ever Android smartphone very soon. It is said to be a Galaxy Note like phablet that’s going to cost $200 […]

HP Z1 G2 27 Inch Diagonal All-In-One Workstation Announced
[CES 2014] HP’s workstations have come a long way since 2009 when the first Z was introduced with a dreamcolor display. The lineup was expanded from 2011-2013 with products like the world’s first workstation ultrabook, Zbook mobile workstations, first all-in-one workstation as well as extension of HP’s Z brand to professional displays. So what’s next for the company’s workstations? HP has unveiled that today. It has announced the HP Z1 […]

HP Slate Pro All-in-One with Android and NVidia Tegra 4
[CES 2014] Android is going everywhere, we are seeing more and more Android integration in all kinds of devices from cameras, to TVs, watches and computers. last year at CES we awarded an Ubergizmo Best of Show to the View Sonic VSD 240, an Android powered smart display.HP is jumping in the band wagon with its new HP Slate pro All-in-One computer powered by Android 4.3. The 21.5-inch full HD […]

HP 205 AiO Revealed
[CES 2014] All-in-One machines seem to have gained popularity over the years, and the HP 205 AiO is certainly one particular model that follows in such a direction. In fact, this particular home computing device that will sit on your desk without taking up too much space will be able to offer wireless networking thanks to its internal 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity, delivering a neat and cable-free existence. After all, don’t […]

HP ProOne 400 AiO Announced
[CES 2014] The folks over at HP have just lifted the curtains on their latest commercial All-in-One machine, which is the HP ProOne 400AiO. This particular All-in-One machine will look like a really large tablet, with a kickstand located at the back which allows it to remain standing upright so that you will be able to get all of your work done in a jiffy and in comfort to boot. […]

HP Pro x2 410
[CES 2014] We have seen tablets take over the world by storm as a secondary portable computing device. Well, that is not the only change introduced, as Ultrabooks too, have taken on a hybrid form factor due to the exploration made by several other hardware manufacturers. The HP Pro x2 410 is the latest detachable hybrid which will be able to deliver the mobility of a tablet as well as […]

HP G350 G1 Hits The CES 2014 Showfloor
[CES 2014] Not all notebooks are created equal, and the same can be said for the HP G350 G1. This will not be a gaming device, but rather, it will be a notebook that targets the business crowds, hoping to deliver a balance of affordable durability and productivity, while boasting business-class technologies that are crucial to the success of your business and professional life.

HP Smartphones Rumored To Be Making A Return
HP didn’t have much luck with its smartphones and tablets, particularly the ones it released that were powered by webOS. After that project was shelved, the company didn’t say when it would return to the smartphone game. There have been multiple reports in the past claiming that HP will make a return to the smartphone market, but no one is sure exactly when. A latest report by The Information claims that […]

HP 11 Chromebook Review
As I was about to publish my review about a month ago, the HP 11 Chromebook sale was put to an halt upon report of overheating charger. It was decided to wait until how this will affect the future of the device before putting the article online. At the core of the issue, there were “nine reports of chargers overheating and melting during use”. The recall affected 145,000 units. The […]

Google And HP Recall HP Chromebook 11 Chargers
Recalls are no fun, and they definitely do not do any kind of justice or favors to the particular device in question, either. After all, who would want to purchase goods from a company that rolls out defective items in the future? Well, people do make some mistakes at times, and Google as well as HP happen to be the guilty party this time around with a recall of the […]