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HP ENVY17 with Leap Motion: Hands-On
HP is the first computer maker to integrate the Leap Motion sensing technology in a laptop. Previously, it was available as an external USB device. The integrated version of Leap Motion is much sleeker and offers a more reliable and consistent interaction, due to the fixed position of the sensor in relation to the screen. At first, it may seem weird that the sensor is off-centered on the right, but […]

HP Blasts Rumors That It Is Making A Smartphone
It was first rumored a few days ago that HP was going to make an entry into the smartphone market once again. The company has kept itself out ever since its webOS powered devices weren’t able to gain any traction. HP was rumored to be making a Windows Phone powered smartphone, but now the company has issued a firm denial. A PR representative for HP said that the story is […]

HP Chromebook14 Unveiled, Brings Haswell Goodness Within
HP has unveiled their spanking new Chromebook 14 that will run on Intel’s freshly unwrapped Haswell range of processors. This will be their first Chromebook that will be powered by an Intel Haswell processor, where it delivers a large display that will hopefully be able to deliver the kind of immersive web experience and superb visual enjoyment that customers want. Arriving in a sleek and compact form factor, you will […]

HP Envy 23 IPS Monitor
HP has just announced the HP Envy 23, a 23” IPS monitor that will ensure your small screen content will be able to bat with the big leagues. It is capable of delivering edge-to-edge presentation of all your games, movies, and content including Beats Audio sound, all in a stunning IPS display. After all, you are able to hook up a range of devices and seamlessly stream content from your […]


HP Envy Recline 27, 23 And 23 SE All-In-One PCs
All-In-One (AiO) PCs tend to be the new trend these days for those who want something that is purely functional without taking up too much space. Of course, gamers would avoid AiO PCs like the plague simply because they do not come with the kind of hardware firepower required to churn out those high resolution framerates. Having said that, HP has announced a trio of AiO PCs in the form […]

8" Tablets Expected To Be The Happy Middle Between 7" And 10.1" Offerings
A few years ago we got tablets either in the 7” variety or the 10.1” variety from Android manufacturers, while Apple has stuck with its 9.7” display for the iPad, a 7.9” for its iPad mini, but it seems that 8” tablets could be the happy middle between 7” and 10.1” offerings, according to Taiwan manufacturers of tablets who spoke to DigiTimes. According to them, customers are starting to favor […]

HP Slate 8 Pro Spotted In GFXBench Benchmark
Earlier this morning, we did talk about a certain HP Bodhi device that ran on the Android mobile operating system, and it seems that additional information on said tablet has been revealed later in the day. The very same device has popped up in yet another leaked benchmark, although this time around, it would be on the GFXBench website, where it has dropped the Bodhi name and stuck with the […]

HP Bodhi Android Device Spotted In Benchmarks
HP might be a name that one associates with computers, printers, and possibly even HP’s failed attempt with their TouchPad tablet running on webOS, but recently the company has begun to release products running on Android, such as the HP Slate 7, the SlateBook x2, and the Slate 21 AIO desktop PC, but it looks like that’s not all HP has up their sleeve. Thanks to a recently benchmark sighting, […]

HP Unveils New Z Workstations And Performance Displays
HP has just announced the first professional monitors of the new Z Display family, in addition to new entry-level Z Workstations which are capable of delivering reliable as well as flexible workstation performance without breaking the bank. The introduction of the HP Z22i, Z23i and Z24i IPS displays deliver outstanding image accuracy and mission-critical reliability, where they have been specially optimized for use with HP Z Workstations (we would not […]

HP Envy Rove 20 Finally Goes On Sale
It was in May this year when HP dropped the news on us about their latest HP Envy Rove 20, a machine that runs on Windows 8. This particular machine is a 20” beast that sports a touchscreen display, and you can say that it is breathing down the necks of other machines such as Sony’s very own 20” Vaio Tap 20, the 27” Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon and the 18” […]

HP Split x2 Now Available At Best Buy For $749
HP announced its Split x2 Windows 8 hybrid computer back in May, saying it would be available in August. We’ve got good news and bad news if you’ve been looking to pick up the HP Split x2 soon after it was announced. The good news is you can now purchase the Split x2 for only $750. The bad news is… well, we lied. There really is no bad news here […]

Alleged HP Smartphone Specifications Spotted
It was just yesterday when we caught whiff of an alleged new smartphone that HP is said to be developing, and this morning, additional information on said smartphone has been spotted – thanks to a screen capture of an AnTuTu Benchmark test which said device was subjected to. This HP branded smartphone will most probably tout a 4.5” display with a resolution of 900 x 1,600 pixels, while a beefy […]

Alleged HP Smartphone Render Leaked
Update 7/16/2013, 13h53 PT: HP has reached Ubergizmo with an official statement about the image above:This is not an HP phone. The photo is a fabrication and is not a photo of anything HP has in the works.  Someone is making stuff up.With the advent of the Internet as well as the easy availability of image capturing devices, you can more or less say that leaks have gotten extremely normal, […]

HP Slate 7 Price Slashed To $140
The HP Slate 7 price has been slashed to just $140.