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Google Pixel 2 Handsets Hinted At In HTC U11 System Files
It is widely believed that Google will be launching new Pixel phones this year because unless something changes drastically, we don’t see why Google would be halting their Nexus/Pixel initiative. That being said, it seems that this year’s Pixel handsets could be built by HTC, thanks to references to the phones being spotted in the HTC U11’s system files.

HTC U11 Sold Out On HTC’s Website
When it comes to smartphones, it’s hard to deny that for Android devices, most people might look towards companies such as Samsung, although it seems that HTC could have potentially created a rather in-demand device in the form of the HTC U11 which recently went on sale in the US.

HTC U11 Now Available For Purchase In The US
Earlier this year, HTC launched the HTC U Ultra which appeared to be the company’s flagship. It wasn’t exactly the most impressive of handsets, but HTC quickly rectified that by launching the HTC U11 which by all means in terms of hardware specs and features, felt more like a flagship than the HTC U Ultra did.

New HTC VR Headset For U11 Launched
HTC is best known for its Vive headset. It has proven to be one of the most popular virtual reality headsets on the market. The company was yet to launch a mobile-only VR headset and it has done that today. The new HTC VR headset called Link is meant for the company’s HTC U11 flagship smartphone. However, it has only been launched for one particular market right now.


HTC Says All U11 Models Have UFS 2.1 Storage
Huawei had to apologize recently when it became evident that the company wasn’t using the faster UFS 2.1 standard mobile storage in all models of the P10 despite claiming that it had the faster memory chip. Even Samsung claimed that all models of the Galaxy S8 had UFS 2.1 storage but quietly removed that mention from its website. HTC is promoting its new flagship smartphone at their expense by pointing […]

HTC U11’s Noise-Cancelling Headphones Won’t Work With Other Handsets
The thing about headphones is that they’re pretty much universal in terms of features, where as long as the device you’re plugging into supports headphones, you’ll be able to use them just fine. However that isn’t the case with the bundled headphones of the recently announced HTC U11.

HTC U11 Confirmed To Receive At Least Two Major Android Updates
The problem with Android phones is that because sometimes OEMs aren’t clear with their update schedules that it can feel like older devices are being ignored. However if you’re thinking of a new phone and you’re thinking about the future, the HTC U11 could be worth your consideration.

HTC U11 Review: Squeeze It!
Now that the HTC U11 has been formally introduced, we can confirm that HTC continues to compete at the very high-end spectrum of the Android smartphone market. After launching the HTC Ultra and HTC U Play, the company was bombarded with questions about what handset would take over the HTC M10. The HTC U11 carries that legacy, and the name leaves no doubt about the filiation of this new leading […]

HTC U11 Has Already Topped DxOMark’s Camera Charts
As you might have heard by now, HTC has recently launched their latest flagship smartphone in the form of the HTC U11. Now when it comes to smartphone cameras, you might think that companies such as Samsung or Apple top the list, and for the most part both companies do put out some impressive cameras.

The HTC U11 Has Been Officially Announced
We’ve been hearing about HTC possibly launching a new flagship smartphone and sure enough the company delivered. Officially dubbed the HTC U11, this is HTC’s latest attempt at a flagship mobile device and just like the rumors have suggested, it appears to indeed come with a touch sensitive frame around its body.

HTC U11 Leaked Video Confirms Features
HTC’s next flagship smartphone has been rumored quite a bit over the past couple of weeks. Even the company has teased some features of the new handset that’s reportedly going to be called HTC U11. A leaked HTC U11 video has now confirmed some of the features that the new flagship is going to offer. The video appears to have been posted online earlier than scheduled by someone who attended […]