Nokia Lumia EOS And Catwalk Release Rumored Between May And August

More rumors regarding Nokia Lumia EOS smartphone started coming in last month, it is believed that the Finnish manufacturer’s next flagship smartphone will have a 41 megapixel camera. It was reported back then that Nokia was testing two versions of the EOS, one with a quadcore and one with a dualcore processor. The EOS is said to be an AT&T exclusive for 1-3 months before being released globally. The ‘Catwalk’ Lumia […]

HTC One Specs Sheet Drops HDR Microphone

Well, well, what do we have here? It seems that HTC has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the HDR microphone which has brought unnecessary spotlight (in a negative way) to the company is no longer there to cause any more trouble, as the Taiwanese company has done away with the HDR microphone from the HTC One’s specs sheet, promotional pages as well as official local websites. This happened […]

Owning A HTC One Gets Easier

So, you have been on the lookout for the HTC One for quite some time already, but somehow did not manage to pick one up for yourself for a reason that only you know. What was it that bought you over? Could it be the full metal body, or the breakthrough BlinkFeed, Zoe camera and BoomSound experiences? Well, HTC intends to help those who have been hankering after the new […]

Ubergizmo Giveaway: AT&T HTC One 32GB

Ubergizmo and AT&T are giving away an HTC One smartphone. Entries can be added until Thursday May 9 2013 at 23:59pm PT, read the full page for more details.


Watch How HTC One Is Fashioned Out Of Pure Metal

We concluded in our HTC One review that is is a very good smartphone. It doesn’t disappoint on the performance side and it happens to be an amazing mobile entertainment device that offers good battery life. Its design makes it one of the most beautiful smartphones available in the market today. The material out of which it is fashioned makes for a very sleek back and an impressive build quality. […]

HTC Watch Shuts Down In Half Dozen EU Countries

The HTC Watch service was first launched in May 2011, where it rolled out alongside the HTC Sensation 4G smartphone. Those were good times for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, who has since fallen on rather difficult times. The HTC Watch service delivers different kinds of Hollywood movies for rent and download, and for a while it did seem as though the HTC Watch service was not popular enough, hence leading […]

HTC M4 Press Rendering Leaked

We’ve been hearing about the HTC M4 for quite a while now, and thanks to the folks at Phone Arena, they have managed to get their hands on what looks like a leaked press rendering of the upcoming device. To be honest if this really is the phone we can expect, it does look pretty good! In fact we are reminded somewhat of the HTC One with the design and […]

Mophie HTC One Juice Pack Announced

Modern day smartphones come with a whole lot more functions than you can shake a stick at – and while that is a good thing, the downside to all of it is, you will need to make sure that your battery’s juice level is at its peak before you leave the home, otherwise you might be left high and dry just halfway through the day at work. Mophie has been […]

HTC 608t Shows Up In China’s Phone Database

A couple of weeks ago we reported about a mysterious HTC device that had been spotted in the Chinese phone database, the model carried a HTC 606W moniker. It was believed that this particular smartphone is going to be HTC M4 which ships without Facebook Home pre-installed, but its not. This device is expected to be released only in the Chinese market but in the U.S. it would definitely make […]

HTC Rezound Update On Its Way

This article lists the changes done to the Verizon HTC Rezound in the 4.05.605.14 710RD update, April 2013.

HTC Has More To Say About The Future Of Their Microphones

The folks over at HTC must not have it easy for quite some time now, having suffered from worsening financial results with each looming quarter, not to mention that they are now going through a hiccup of sorts when it comes to the choice of microphones in their flagship HTC One smartphone. No thanks to ST Microelectronics’ cock up which resulted in microphones meant to be used exclusively in select […]

HTC Windows Phone For Sprint Spotted In Logs, Could Be The HTC Tiara

We had earlier reported that digging around app logs by a Chinese developer had unearthed some potentially new Windows Phone devices in the pipeline, and now thanks to another look at these updated logs, the folks at WPDang have discovered a new HTC Windows Phone that could be headed towards Sprint! According to the server logs, this particular HTC model is referred to as the P0881. However with the HTC […]

T-Mobile’s HTC One S Gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update At Last

The HTC One S held the title of being the thinnest smartphone from HTC when it was first introduced to the world at Mobile World Congress last year, and how has it fared since? Well, the HTC One S did not manage to enjoy a breakout to the mainstream market, although it was still a decent phone even back then, but there was plenty of competition when it came to […]

HTC Issues Statement Concerning Nokia And HTC Preliminary Injunction

As the saying goes, there are two sides to a story, or that a coin has two faces. While we have heard on how Nokia managed to win a preliminary injunction against HTC in the Netherlands only to have that decision rescinded afterwards, how about getting a word or two in from the folks over at HTC themselves? That is the very least that they deserve, don’t you think so? […]