Articles about Hubble

NASA Gives Five-Year Extension To Hubble Telescope
NASA has confirmed a five-year extension for the popular Hubble telescope, the telescope enables the agency to look deep into the universe. Work has already been underway for a long time on the Hubble’s successor but this extension means that Hubble is still going to be in operation when its successor arrives in space. The Hubble has served mankind faithfully, it has been up in space for nearly three decades.

Hubble Snaps Beautiful New Image Of Mars
Mars is a planet closest to the sphere we call home. It’s a planet that humans are ambitious about, that they think they will be able to make a colony on. Sincere efforts are being made to send humans to Mars in order to determine whether or not it would be possible for life to survive there. We’ve already seen countless images of Mars from afar and from the surface, […]