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The Interview Generated More Than 6x Revenue Online Than In Theaters
I am quite sure that a fair number of us have already caught whiff of “The Interview”, where Sony Pictures underwent one of the more famous hacks in recent years due to the movie offering a lighthearted look at the North Korean regime. Having said that, all the interest surrounding the movie has definitely helped in its sales, and it is interesting to note that The Interview has already generated […]

The Interview Pirated Over 750,000 Times In Under 24 Hours
The Interview might not be a great movie at all with its style of comedy, but then again it has garnered a whole lot of attention in recent times, especially when you take into consideration how Sony Pictures was hacked. In fact, The Interview was made available across multiple platforms, but it has also been downloaded illegally – with the last official count being over 750,000 times in the first […]

RAZER CEO Min-Liang Tan: “Obsessed To Always Make It Better”
Among gamers, Razer is a household name: the company from San Diego, California, has sold millions of jazzed-up laptops, precision mice, and gaming tablets worldwide. Now, with its Nabu wristband, Razer is stepping into the world of wearable technology. The gadget, which won the coveted People’s Choice award at CES in Las Vegas, promises to make wearers’ lives more fun and informative in various new ways.