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Satechi Unveils USB-C Hub For The New iPad Pro
One of the major and interesting design changes Apple made to its new iPad Pro was giving it a USB-C connector instead of its proprietary Lightning port. This opened up the possibilities as to what the tablet could do, such as connect to cameras, external displays, and so on. For those who are planning on turning their iPad Pro into a computer of sorts, then Satechi might have something for […]

New iPad Pro (2018) Benchmarks Seemingly Outperforms Windows PCs
The other day benchmarks revealed that Apple’s new iPad Pros are almost as powerful as the company’s MacBook Pro lineup. Now it seems that additional reviews and benchmarking performed by Laptop Mag (via Tom’s Guide) has revealed that the new iPad Pros have benchmark scores that blow past its Windows competitors.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Is Almost As Powerful As The MacBook Pro
Apple recently announced its new iPad Pros which comes with a modified version of the A12 Bionic chipset used in the company’s 2018 iPhone lineup. This comes in the form of the A12X Bionic which features an octa-core design that Apple claims is 35% faster in single-core performance and 90% faster in multi-core performance compared to 2017’s model.

Apple Will No Longer Report How Many Devices They Sell
For the longest time, Apple used to share how much iPhones they had sold during the launch weekend. Given that every year Apple seems to sell more and more iPhones, such an announcement was done for various reasons: to boast, to make iPhone owners feel proud that they own the best-selling handset, and to make investors happy.


How To Use Do Not Disturb In iOS 12
The Do Not Disturb (aka DND) mode on iOS 11 was not much useful – a lot of users request for a change (to make it more accessible and useful). And, finally, we have an improved DND feature on iOS 12.

How To Use Screen Time on iOS 12?
Getting hooked on to your smartphone more than you should? Want a healthy schedule instead? If that is what you are looking for – the screen time management feature on iOS 12 will help you organize your digital life. With the Screen Time settings, you get to know your usage patterns (how much time you’ve spent using an application per day/week/month) or which of the services do you use the […]

Top-Tier iPad Pros Might Get More RAM Than Other Models
When Apple announced their new iPad Pros, it was revealed that they would be powered by a variant of the A12 Bionic in the form of the A12X Bionic. It would also feature its own custom GPU that Apple says gives it Xbox One X-like performance, except in tablet form. However one hardware feature Apple deigned to mention was how much RAM the new tablets would have.

Apple’s New iPad Pros Are Almost Sold Out
Apple’s new iPad Pros are more expensive than their predecessors, but it seems that despite the increase in price, it turns out that customers don’t seem to be too bothered by it because it looks like the tablets have nearly sold out for launch day which is set for next week, the 7th of November.

The New iPad Pro Will Not Be Cheap To Repair
At Apple’s event earlier today, the company announced two new iPad Pros in the form of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch variants. Now obviously we don’t have to tell you guys that you should take care of your electronics, but this might be worth mentioning again because based on Apple’s repair costs, the new iPads aren’t cheap to repair.

Maxing Out Apple’s New iPads, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis Will Cost A Lot
Earlier today, Apple introduced a new iPad Pro, a new Mac Mini, and a refreshed and redesigned MacBook Air. For the most part the new products don’t go too crazy in terms of their new pricing, but in case you do want to go all out in terms of maxing out the specs and storage, it seems that it will not come cheap.

Apple Introduces A New Smart Keyboard Cover For The iPad Pro
Apart from the Apple Pencil, one of the other unique accessories for the iPad Pro is its Smart Keyboard cover. This is basically a keyboard that doubles as a cover that to a certain extent transforms your iPad into a pseudo laptop of sorts. Now it looks like Apple has since introduced a brand new Smart Keyboard cover that was announced alongside its new iPad Pros.

Apple’s iPad Pro Updated With Brand New Design & Features
Many had anticipated that Apple’s event on the 30th of October will bring about new iPads. Apple had earlier this year introduced a new and cheaper 9.7-inch iPad with support for the Apple Pencil, but as far as the iPad Pro lineup was concerned, Apple had yet to officially announce anything, at least until now.

Leaked iPad Pro Case ‘Confirms’ USB-C Port
One of the major changes that Apple will be making to its 2018 iPad Pro refresh is that they could be ditching the proprietary Lightning port for USB-C. This is a drastic move for Apple who has pretty much relied on proprietary connectors since the beginning, and now it looks like more proof has surfaced that they will indeed be making those changes.

Alleged Apple Pencil 2 Details Revealed
When you think of Apple’s iPad Pro tablet, chances are you might also be thinking about the Apple Pencil, which is Apple’s take and reimagining of the stylus. While critics have panned the Apple Pencil as being a very expensive accessory, it is hard to deny how effective it is and how it does pretty much as advertised.