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Apple iCloud Services Experiencing Ongoing Issues
Users who rely on Apple’s iCloud service were greeted with a rude awakening this morning as the service started experiencing an outage around 4 a.m. ET and is still experiencing issues as of this writing.Earlier this morning, nearly all of iCloud’s services were completely down, but as of now, only three services are still experiencing outages: Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud and “Backup.” The last service being extremely important […]

Report Suggests That Eight Out of Ten Corporate Device Activations Belong To Apple
Back in the day, Blackberry used to the choice of smartphones by companies around the world. However as iPhones and Android devices started becoming more advantageous, it wasn’t surprising that companies began making the switch. So whose platform is currently on top? Well according to a report from Good Technology, it seems that in Q4 in 2012, a whopping eight out of ten mobile activations belonged to Apple. Three spots […]

Apple Patent Hints At iPhone That Is Aware Of Its Surroundings
We’ve seen Apple patents throughout the years, with a number of them suggesting the company may be working on an iWatch as well as a number of improvements to its iOS devices. A new patent published today could hint at a future where your iPhone could predict how to handle itself without any input from the user.One of Apple’s patents called “Electronic device with automatic mode switching” suggests the company has come […]

Report Suggests iPad Mini Will Account For 65% Of iPad Shipments In H1
When Apple launched the iPad, they believed that the iPad’s size was the ideal size for tablets. They stuck with their guns for three generations of iPads before giving in and launching the iPad mini, a smaller version of the iPad which some believe was Apple’s way of caving in to the demands of the market. While the current iPad mini isn’t as powerful as its larger sibling, its smaller […]


iPad 5 Cover Spotted At Alibaba?
So, the next generation iPad has yet to be officially announced, but most folks would know by now that it is well on its way, as Apple would not go through a year without releasing a refresh of some of its most popular hardware. It goes without saying that an upcoming iPad announcement is always preceded by leaks of its accessories, and protective covers tend to be the most popular […]

Purported iPad 5 Cases Hints At Slimmer Design Akin To The iPad Mini
With the introduction of the iPad mini, Apple introduced a new design to its series of tablets and we guess we wouldn’t be surprised if those designs would be applied to future iPad and iPad mini products as well. With that being said, it looks like that will indeed be the case for the iPad 5 if these case designs from manufacturer MiniSuit (via Mac Rumors) are to be believed. […]

Google Supplies iOS Developers With Updated Maps SDK
We think it’s safe to say Google Maps is probably the most popular map tool available these days, especially on iOS due to the the many, many inaccuracies Apple Maps offers to iOS users. Considering how popular Google Maps is on iOS, it’s still a pain in the rump when you click on an address inside of an application to have it launch Apple Maps instead of Google Maps.Google today is announcing […]

Apple, NYPD Team Up To Retrieve Stolen iOS Devices
We hear stories of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad being stolen on a somewhat regular basis, and we’re never happy to hear criminals are continually targeting these products, although we could understand why they would want to. If you took the necessary precautions and installed apps like Find My iPhone, then retrieving your stolen goods might be easier than than it used to be a few years ago.A […]

iPad 5 Out This Q3 (Rumor)
What do you think of Apple’s fight in the tablet market? Sure, the iPad is still king of the hill where total number of tablets sold and used are concerned, but this does not mean that Cupertino should rest on their laurels. There have been whispers of a higher resolution iPad mini in the works, but what about the existing iPad with Retina Display? According to a Taiwan-based research firm, […]

Consumers Spent More On Mobile Games Than Handheld Games Last Quarter
Gamers have probably known for some time now playing video games on their smartphones is a much easier and sometimes more rewarding experience than lugging around a dedicated handheld gaming device like the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS. Part of the convenience also stems from our smartphone devices being with us at all times.A new report published by research firms IDC and App Annie confirm what we’ve known for years as consumer […]

iOS 6.1.3 Beta Addresses iPhone Passcode Security Exploit
An exploit was discovered last week which made it possible for anyone to access information on an iPhone running iOS 6.1 equipped with a passcode with very little effort. Days later , Apple announced it would be working on a fix for the exploit to be released as fast as possible. Today, we’re seeing Apple has kept its promise as iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 has just been sent out to developers […]

iPad Mini 2 Rear Shell Leaked Photos Hint At Retina Display Addition [Rumor]
The second-generation iPad Mini is expected to be released later this year with the addition of Apple’s Retina Display. No one knows when exactly Apple will unveil the next iPad Mini, but its rear shell may have recently been leaked online.The possible leak comes to us from a Chinese forum thread called WeiPhone that shows the rear panel of the second-generation iPad Mini in a number of angles. The shell looks […]

Illinois School District Embraces Technology And Plans To Give 7000 iPads
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 has gotten amazing results with its one-on-one experimental program, so much so, they have decided to give 6000 to 7000 students their own fourth generation Apple iPads. The original plan had put second generation iPad’s in the hands of about 1500 students and the feedback has been very positive. “We believe the one-to-one program is changing our teachers, it’s changing our instruction, and most importantly […]

Apple Launches Two New iPad Commercials Highlighting Apps
Apple has started airing two new iPad commercials this week called “Alive” and “Together” that don’t focus on their iPads’ hardware specs since there hasn’t been a new iPad since November 2012. Instead, both commercials focus on the applications that were built to take advantage of both the iPad and iPad Mini’s unique features.Not only do both commercials focus on a number of iOS applications, but they also are littered […]