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iPads in the class benefits teachers as well as students
Introducing tablets into the classrooms on the surface might seem that it might benefit students the most – after all they will be the ones interacting with it and learning from it, right? Well it seems like a nice side effect has come out of using tablets in the classrooms and in an article by Edudemic, it has  been suggested that using the iPad in the class not only benefits […]

AT&T Announces iPad mini Availability
Yes, we did mention that Sprint will be offering the iPad mini, and it seems to us that AT&T themselves do not want to miss out on the action as well by announcing that they too, will be offering the spanking new iPad mini as well as fourth generation iPad. These new iPads will be accompanied by what AT&T hopes are a host of attractive data plans, so that potential […]

Dijit NextGuide Update
Dijit NextGuide, the “hyper-personalized” TV guide for the iPad , was launched a couple of months ago and today the company rolled out a few new features to improve the user experience.According to the compnay, The guide works with traditional digital TV providers like Direct TV (including DVR interaction), but also with online video services like Netflix, and most recently with Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant video. It basically unifies the web […]

Tablets help users with vision loss read faster and easier [Research]
In today’s digital world, good old books and magazines are now being replaced by digital content in the form of eBooks and articles on the web. Although some, including me, will say that eBooks can never replace real books, a new study reveals that the latter does have its own advantages. According to a recent study, tablets are helping people with eye diseases read faster and easier. The study, presented at the […]


iPad 4 LTE to arrive earlier than expected?
It was at the end of last week when we reported that the iPad mini LTE will ship in five days’ time, and here we are with word that the iPad 4 LTE could also begin to ship – earlier than the speculated dates of November 20 through to November 23, which is always a good thing in this day and age where patience is not exactly a virtue. It […]

Apple posts new iPad mini adverts touting iPhoto and iBooks
As noted in our review, the iPad mini is simply a smaller iPad with some of its specs akin to the iPad 2. In spite of Apple’s effort in launching a smaller tablet at a cheaper price, many are still hesitant to buy one, probably because the idea of an iPad mini hasn’t fully settled in yet. In a bid to win customers, Apple has just published two new adverts […]

Throw the iPads in the air and break them up like you just don't care
Thank goodness for cameras, nasty employees who would dip their dirty shoes on burgers and urinate on tacos and nachos are not getting away without getting fired. This video camera, in particular, was used by Walmart employees to record a “this is why you don’t buy an iPad from Walmart” video. The video, which is nearly 50-seconds long, showed Walmart employees at Pikeville, Kentucky throwing away iPads in the air […]

iPad sold for $200 was actually a mirror wrapped in iSheep's clothing
The iPad is already becoming a household name. In fact, it’s too popular that people are willing to jump at almost any opportunity to get one. But one woman from Arlington was unfortunately deceived for her desire to get one. Jalonta Freeman was fueling her car at a gas station when a stranger approached her and offered to sell her an iPad that he claimed was originally worth $800. The […]

The VITREO iPad screen protector is made from a sheet of tempered glass
While some might argue that screen protectors aren’t necessary, especially since our smartphones these days come with pretty durable glass, we guess it might be a habit from back in the day, that and probably because most of us are trying to keep our devices as pristine as possible. After all, with screen protectors costing maybe $10-$20, it’s not that expensive of an investment. However if you are willing to […]

KOLOS iPad-centric gaming wheel launches on Indiegogo
It was not so long ago when we told you about KOLOS, the first ever gaming wheel that’s specifically designed for the iPad. Well, today, the folks behind the ingenious creation is happy to announce that KOLOS has been launched on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. It also informed us that it has made some minor corrections to the price. Beginning today, you can pledge $50 for the steering wheel. Once it launches […]

Apple sold 3 million iPads in 3 days
Not to be outdone with Samsung’s 3 million Galaxy Note 2 sales in a two-month period, Apple released a statement today saying that it has sold 3 million iPads in just three days following the global debut of the iPad mini and the iPad 4 last week. This means that Apple was able to double its previous first weekend record of 1.5 million iPad 3 (Wi-Fi only) sales in March […]

Android tablets see a gain in shipment while Apple's iPad slows in Q3 according to report
With the introduction of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10, there are many who believe that these are the Android tablets with the capability of dethroning Apple’s iPad from a position they held for many years. While it might take a while before we actually see any dethroning, it certainly looks like there are signs of it starting to happen. In a recent report published by the IDC, it […]

The iRock rocking chair charges your iPad while you sit in it
We’ve seen some pretty interesting accessories for iOS devices before, although this rocking chair accessory is one of the more “out there” ones we’ve seen. Dubbed the iRock, this is a piece of furniture that not only docks your iPad, letting you read or watch videos while you rock away in the chair, but it will apparently help charge your tablet at the same time as well. Now before you […]

Fourth generation iPad stocks run low
We are not quite sure whether the low stocks of Apple devices in inventories are actually due to extremely high demand, small initial quantities, or a combination of both. What we do know, however, is this – Apple’s iPad mini stock is running low, and according to 9to5Mac, even the fourth generation iPad’s initial stock are more or less exhausted, meaning that folks who have placed orders for the latest […]