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The iPhone 5 (read our iPhone 5 review) is a smartphone from Apple. It was launched on Sept 12 2012 and features a 4″ display, 4G LTE, a thinner chassis and a faster A6 processor. At the time of its launch, it was obviously the best iPhone yet, but a large number of customers and observers came out very divided about its feature set. The lack of large screen was a main point of friction and many wished that there was a larger iPhone 5. FB Survey: are you impressed by the iPhone 5? Tell the world.

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New Apple dock connector might be microUSB-sized
Yes, we do know that there are plenty of rumors going around that the new iPhone (which allegedly sports a new 4” display with 16:9 aspect ratio) will most probably be announced at the September 12th event later this month, in addition to carrying a new and smaller 9-pin connector. There are also some thoughts bandied about that this 9-pin connector will be similar in size to the microUSB plug, […]

Taller iPhone 5 display hinted in Yerba Buena banner?
Apple is one of the few companies that are masters at design, and you might hark back to the huge ‘Retina’ in Apple’s giant event banner which was unfurled to go along with the new iPad? Well, with the tentative September 12th event coming right up which has most people looking forward to the iPhone 5, there are plenty of rumors to go along with this smartphone – including the […]

iPhone 5 "Global" LTE support rumors: grossly exaggerated
When the Wall Street Journal came out with the speculation that the iPhone 5 would feature 4G LTE, this was largely a non-news as virtually everyone expects LTE to happen in the iPhone 5 as 1/users demand it 2/ wireless carriers want LTE phones, period. The more interesting bit from WSJ was that LTE would work outside of the US market, which is unusual for LTE phones: most fall back […]

iPhone 5 Mockup Shown Off By iGearUnlimited
iGearUnlimited provides customized iPhone and iPad cases by allowing the users to make use of different artworks. The company has now claimed that it knows the exact dimensions of iPhone 5 which is due to be unveiled on September 12th.In a video released by the company (embed in the full post), a person shows off an iPhone 5 mockup, comparing it to iPhone 4S. The video more or less corroborates […]


iPhone 5 releases on September 21st, available for pre-order on the 14th?
Apple is planning on unveiling its next iPhone at its September 12th event. It has been speculated that Apple may actually release the next iPhone on September 21st. We recently reported that FedEx is gearing up for a surge volume event on the dates September 21st to September 24th which, some suggest, is in anticipation for shipping the massive iPhone orders on its release.This speculation has been further reaffirmed by […]

Refreshed iMacs rumored to be revealed on the 12th of September alongside iPhone 5
We’re sure that many Apple fans were disappointed earlier this year when Apple took the wraps off the new MacBooks, thus neglecting the iMac’s refresh in the process. Well it seems that come 12th September, not only will Apple be unveiling the next-gen iPhone, but according to reports (via Fox News), refreshed iMacs could also be unveiled. It is unclear as to what sort of new features the refreshed iMacs […]

FedEx planning surge volume event on the 21-24 September, coincides with rumored iPhone release date
Many believe that the 21st of September could be when Apple will release the iPhone 5, but unfortunately that date cannot be confirmed yet. Hopefully Apple’s 12th of September announcement will reveal those details. However the folks at MacRumors have learnt that FedEx is planning a surge volume event on the 21st to the 24th of September which appears to coincide with Apple’s iPhone release date. Of course given that […]

Sprint to get Apple's next-gen iPhone on the 15th of October?
While we know that come 12th of September, it’s more or less a certainty that Apple will be taking the wraps off their next-gen iPhone. However when the phone will actually launch remains a mystery, which we’re assuming Apple will enlighten us during the announcement itself, but if the rumors are to be believed, the 21st of September is a likely date for the next-gen iPhone’s release – or could […]

Grove Wood Case For iPhone 5 Available For Pre-Orders
A number of iPhone cases have hit the market in the recent past. Given the sheer number of iPhone users, it is no wonder that many vendors want to get into the race with their own offerings. However, so far very few iPhone cases have come off as extra-ordinary.Grove has now announced a new iPhone case which is made up of wood. The case is meant for the upcoming iPhone […]

iPhone 5 concept video by Aatma Studio
Aatma Studio is an old hand at concept videos of upcoming iOS-powered devices. In fact, last year, we took a look at the then iPhone 5 concept video, which was right before the iPhone 4S (as it was known) rolled out to the masses. This time around, there is a new iPhone 5 concept by Aatma Studio which showcases a longer iPhone design as expected, and they have even come […]

iPhone 5 could sell 10 million units in its first week according to analyst
We’re sure that many iPhone fans were disappointed when the iPhone 4S was revealed last year as many had originally believed that they would be seeing a brand new design (ourselves included). Well assuming that the leaks are true, this year’s iPhone could sport a new design along with a larger 4” display and assuming that is the case, it is safe to assume that many fans out there will […]

iPhone 5 cases reportedly showing up in AT&T's systems
So Apple has already sent out invites to an event for the 12th of September which many believe could be the day Apple announces the next-gen iPhone, or iPhone 5 if you’d rather. While this is almost a certainty, what we still don’t know is how the device will look like. Granted there are tons of leaks of components and mockups, it’s hard to say if it’s real until Apple […]

Alleged iPhone 5 battery compared with iPhone 4S counterpart
What you see above (courtesy of repair site iResQ) could very well be the first images of the battery which will be used in the upcoming iPhone 5 smartphone, and it certainly seems to be blown up a wee bit longer, just like the purported display of the iPhone 5 itself. I guess all will be revealed at the coming September 12th event that has seen press invites roll out, […]

iPhone 5 accessories shows up on inventory system, brace yourselves on September 21st
Brace yourselves, winter is coming (for those living in the northern hemisphere at least), and so is the iPhone 5 if the September 12th invite by Apple is to be inferred. Not only that, you know that each of the modern day devices that roll off Apple’s assembly line is also a clarion call for accessories manufacturers to lick their lips in anticipation, knowing that a massive user base can […]