Nano-SIMs make their way to telco in Europe possibly ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Many believe that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will incorporate the new nano-SIM standard and according to previous rumors, carriers in Europe have reportedly begun stockpiling nano-SIMs in anticipation of the iPhone 5’s release. Well thanks to the folks at iFun, they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be a nano-SIM for Deutsche Telekom, and according to a message that was attached with the SIM cards: Dear partners, […]

This video demo gives us an idea of what the iPhone 5 experience might be like

Assuming all the leaks and rumors have it right and it’s not one big hoax, it looks like we can expect Apple’s next-gen iPhone to sport a larger 4” display. However instead of going “bigger” with the new display, it seems that Apple has chosen to go “longer/taller”, therefore keeping the width of the original iPhone but making the length of the display longer. If you’re wondering what it might […]

iPhone 5 mockup spotted at IFA 2012

Check out the video above, and look very carefully. It might very well be the first time you laid eyes on the upcoming iPhone 5, never mind if it is in the mockup form. GSMIsrael seemed to have gotten the skinny on the iPhone 5 mockup, where it laid claim to be shown thanks to the CEO of a major cover and case manufacturer. Similar to most of the other […]

Alleged iPhone 5 photo compared with older iPhone models shows how thin it is

As the month of August draws to a close, it means that we will be entering September which is also when the next-gen iPhone is expected to be revealed. That being said, it does not come as a surprise that we are starting to see the leaks, speculation and additional rumors ramp up and thanks to the folks at, they have managed to get their hands on what appears […]


More iPhone 5 images leak out (Rumor)

Yes, while we caught a blurry glimpse of what could possibly be the next generation iPhone a few hours ago, here we are with yet another angle of the alleged handset from Apple, this time coming from French site What you see compares the front face of the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) with that of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Nothing new has been revealed in the latest […]

Additional next-gen iPhone photos surface

The folks at SINOCET have managed to get their hands on more photos of Apple’s alleged next-gen iPhone. These are pretty much the same components from before, namely an almost-fully assembled front panel but in better quality. As the front panel of the next-gen iPhone looks like the iPhone 4/4S, it’s hard to tell if we are looking at the real deal here, or if this is some kind of […]

Scosche accessories for the next-gen iPhone leaked, shows off 9-pin dock connector

There have been multiple reports suggesting that Apple could be redesigning the dock connector for its next-gen iPhone, taking it from a 30-pin connector down to a 9-pin one. While that remains to be seen, alleged leaked photos from manufacturer Scosche (via iLounge) for accessories for the next-gen iPhone seem to be in line with the rumors. Either that or Scosche is getting ahead of itself by creating accessories based […]

Goophone I5 is the Android-powered iPhone 5 knockoff

The (digital world) pirates certainly know what tickles our fancy, with the iPhone 5 yet to be released or even announced (that will have to wait until this September), but surprise, surprise, they have already come up with a knockoff that is Android-powered, now how about that? I am quite sure if the Apple legal eagles are through with the manufacturer of this handset, they won’t be able to get […]

AT&T denies vacation blackout rumors in September

Yesterday we reported that according to TechCrunch, AT&T was blacking out vacation dates for employees from the 21st of September to the 30th of September, suggesting that it was likely that Apple’s next-gen iPhone could be launched then. For those who are feeling pretty confident that those are indeed the dates on which we can see the release of the device, it looks like AT&T has officially stepped forward to […]

iPhone 5 part leak hints at NFC hardware?

Earlier this morning, we looked at possible leaked images of the upcoming iPhone 5, and it seems that there was more to it than met the eye. Everything about it looks dapper and pretty much run on the mill, but if you were to take note of the new square chip subsystem located right at the top, it might just be the elusive NFC hardware that was speculated in the […]

Almost fully assembled next-gen iPhone front panel spotted

We have seen many alleged iPhone 5 components leak, although if you’d like an idea of what the next-gen iPhone’s front portion could look like, these photos spotted on Photobucket (via has given us a glimpse of what the front portion of Apple’s iPhone 5 could look like. This assembled front panel includes the LCD of the phone, the home button, the shielding frame for the display along with […]

AT&T reportedly blacks out vacation dates from the 21-30 September, seemingly corroborates next-gen iPhone release rumors

Not too long ago, we reported that according to TechCrunch, Verizon has reportedly blacked out vacation dates for employees on the 21st of September in anticipation of the release of Apple’s next-gen iPhone. Now the folks at TechCrunch are back and according to their sources, it looks like AT&T is set to follow in Verizon’s footsteps as well by blacking out vacation dates for employees from the 21st of September […]

iPad mini to be announced separately from iPhone 5?

Originally, many pundits were thinking that come this September 12th, we could very well be looking at a double whammy of announcements from the fruity company itself, and the two heavy hitters would be the alleged iPad mini and the iPhone 5. Well, it seems that there are other viewpoints to this matter, with some parties suggesting that later in the Fall, Apple would hold a second event to introduce […]

Alleged iPhone 5 parts shown off in video, compared to iPhone 4S

Late yesterday, a new video hit the Internet that showed off the iPhone 4S’ parts being compared to alleged iPhone 5 components, where it highlighted the alleged changes that Apple made concerning the flex cables and screen size. I am not quite sure what to make of the video myself, why not you take a look at it and draw your own conclusion? Basically, anything seems to be hot for […]