HRP-4C sings and dances her way into your heart

The uncanny valley experience might not be all that common yet among humans, but if the pace of technological advancement continues and robots evolve to be better and better models, that experience might just end up as the norm. But I digress, we are here to look at the HRP-4C extol her abilities of singing and performing a dance routing over at this year’s Jisso Protec show that was sponsored […]

Toshiba limited edition OLED lamp not for sale

Toshiba has come up with a special OLED lamp designed for emergencies like the quake-stricken areas of Japan. Powered by four AAA batteries or a rechargeable pack that can be changed by solar or USB, it produces 53 lumens of light at 100% and can last two hours on the AAA batteries, twenty if you lower the brightness, and even more is you use the battery pack. Here is where […]

Solar device that chases the sun

While it does have its merits (it’s green and free minus the cost of the solar panels), one of the main problems with using solar power is its efficiency: it takes a long time to store energy using solar panels, and when it does, the stored energy usually isn’t a lot. A large surface area is required to capture a lot of energy, which can be a waste of space […]

Reasons for why the 3DS is not flying off Japanese shelves

The Nintendo 3DS was released at the end of February in Japan. It launched in North America and Europe one month later, so why is the new console still lagging behind in weekly sales when pitted against Sony’s seven-year-old PlayStation Portable and Nintendo’s very own DSi and DSi XL (LL in Asia) handhelds? Goo Ranking decided to investigate with a survey culled from 1,100 Japanese folk, over 60.5 percent of […]


Real-time speech translation no longer a thing of the future

As technology progresses, what was deemed only possible in sci-fi movies of the past are slowly turning into reality. One of the coolest gadgets ever thought of has got to be a real-time, language translating device (seeing how I’m terrible at my second languages, I’ve always dreamed about having one as a kid). Well, the folks over at DoCoMo (a carrier in Japan) are developing a real-time speech-to-speech translation system […]

Dock Fan for iPhone keeps you cool

Now we all know that the iPhone is no doubt one of the coolest phones in the world, with the ability to do everything thanks to the fact there’s an app for pretty much anything. But there are some things that even an app can’t do – like keeping you cool on a hot summer day. You’ll need some hardware to do that, and that’s what the folks at Japan […]

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project could be the start of a greener world

In today’s dying world, everybody is pushing to go green by using renewable energy sources (i.e. solar, wind, water) and using fuel that isn’t harmful to the environment (i.e. electricity, hydrogen). Now, nine companies have decided to band together to do something even better – by creating a self-sustainable town that is environmental friendly; the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST) project. Spearheaded by Panasonic and eight other companies (Accenture, […]

Pioneer Floating Vision display lets you “touch” 3D visuals

Pioneer recently showed off a new technology called its “Floating Vision” display – the glasses-free 3D display that lets users interact with the floating images, offering a totally brand new input experience. The display, which Pioneer plans to use in their future car navigation systems, looks like a whole bunch load of fun to play around with – users can push icons onto a map to make different locations show […]

Microsoft retracts Steve Ballmer’s Windows 8 claims

Apparently Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer let slip more than he was supposed to at the Microsoft Developer Forum in Japan yesterday. Steve Ballmer announced that the next version of Windows would be named Windows 8 and it will be launching next year but was that all wishful thinking or a leak of secret corporate information? Yesterday, Computerworld reported a quote that Microsoft spokesperson said in response to Steve Ballmer’s statement: […]

Sony Music Japan hacked

If we told you Sony got hacked again, would that be news? It seems to be another day, another hack. Yesterday we reported about Sony BMG Greece being hacked over the weekend and today it’s Sony Music Japan. The same method used to get into Sony Greece was used here as well – an SQL Injection flaw. While it’s uncertain if any data has been compromised, the group that found […]

Ubiquitous iRemoTap lets you control turn off your devices remotely

Ubiquitous, recently demonstrated the iRemoTap at the Embedded Systems Expo – a smart power strip that has a WiFi connection which allows users to monitor and control the power usage on their laptops or mobile devices. Working just like a regular power strip, all users have to do is plug their devices in that they need powered on. Users then have the option to monitor the power consumption of their […]

Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007SH shows up at the FCC

It looks like we were wrong about the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007SH not making its way to our shores. The folks at Engadget did some prodding around on the FCC website and spotted Sharp’s upcoming clamshell phone with an FCC filing – this means that we’ll be seeing the phone in the US after all. While it isn’t the world’s first Android clamshell phone, it will be one of the […]

Sharp AQUOS Phone The Hybrid 007SH: a feature-packed Android clamshell phone (updated)

Clamshell phones were a once trendy design used for cellphones all over the world. But since the inception of smartphones, the trend seems to have died down, as it didn’t make its way over to the smartphone world. Until today. In the land of the rising sun, Japan, it appears that the clamshell form factor is still fashionable and it looks like Sharp is about to capitalize on that fact […]

Apple offers free repairs for products damaged in the Japan disasters

Even though it’s been awhile since the Japan disasters, efforts to help out the country and to improve its citizens’ lives haven’t ceased. Folks still need their homes repaired, equipment fixed and or replaced. While most companies are involved by having fundraising events where the money made is sent to the Red Cross society, Apple is taking a different approach to the situation. Instead of just offering money like any […]