LG Corporation is a South Korean conglomerate that is based in Seoul. LG operates a number of subsidiaries including LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Telecom, and LG Chem. The conglomerate specializes in developing electronics, telecom products, and chemicals. LG Corp. was founded in 1947 by Koo In-Hwoi. Koo first established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947. Today, Lak-Hui (pronounced lucky) is known as LG Chem. The company then expanded its business and created Goldstar Co. Ltd, now known as LG Electronics Inc. Both companies merged and formed Lucky-Goldstar, which was eventually renamed “LG” in 1995.

LG Confirms That It's Working On A Mobile Payments Service
Soon after Samsung Pay emerged on the scene earlier this year it was reported that LG could come out with its own mobile payment service and those reports have now turned out to be true. There’s news out of Korea that LG has confirmed that it is working on a mobile payments service, the company will first sign deals with some of the major card companies in South Korea before […]

Google Play Movies And TV Coming To LG Smart TVs
LG today announced that it’s rolling out Google Play Movies & TV to owners to LG Smart TVs, this will enable them to access countless movies and TV shows via the Google platform in over 100 countries across the globe. It’s interesting to note that LG’s webOS smart TV platform is the first of its kind to support Google Play Movies & TV, the service is already available to iPhone and […]

Walmart Has A $10 Android Phone You Can Purchase
There are plenty of decent cheap Android smartphones that cost about $100 and have specifications that are good enough for casual use, aside from texting and making calls. Mozilla is trying to make Firefox OS popular in the market by introducing handsets that cost as low as $25 but Walmart’s latest option for the budget conscious beats even that. The retailer is selling a $10 Android phone that has respectable specifications.

Metal Unibody Design Rumored For LG G5
We are now in that time of the year when the rumor mill starts churning out rumors about flagship handsets from major companies that are due to be refreshed in the coming year. There’s no shortage of such reports about the Galaxy S7 and now we’re even hearing stuff from unofficial sources about LG’s next flagship handset. Rumor has it that the LG G5 is going to feature a metal […]


LG G4 White Gold Edition Revealed
Do colors really matter when it comes to the release of a particular device or peripheral? I suppose it does, otherwise how else would one be able to explain away the interest shown in the number of gold-colored iPhones compared to the white models in the past? Well, those who wanted to pick up the flagship LG G4 earlier on but were disappointed with the lack of a gold shade, […]

Verizon Taking Pre-Orders For LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Today
A couple of months ago, LG unveiled the LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition, and one of the new features that LG has brought to the table is the support for cellular connectivity. Now we know that the device is available from AT&T, but in case you don’t want to get the watch from AT&T, fret not because Verizon is an alternative you could consider.Verizon has recently announced that starting today […]

LG GizmoGadget, GizmoPal 2 Officially Unveiled
According to a leak earlier this week, it was suggested that LG and Verizon were getting ready to launch a pair of wearables aimed at kids. Looks like we didn’t have to wait too long to find out because Verizon and LG have officially taken the wraps off both devices, which as the previous leak revealed, are known as the LG GizmoGadget and the LG GizmoPal 2.Appearance wise they both […]

New LG Device Spotted On The FCC
Whenever a device is about to hit the market in the US, you can be sure that it will need to go through the nuances at the FCC first. It looks like there is a spanking new LG device that is all set for a release, as the relevant documents for it have been spotted on the FCC website that bears the product number “H815PX”. This does sound rather curious, […]

LG Kids Wearables For Verizon Leaked
While most of us look at wearables as gadgets (or toys) for adults, given that kids these days are so exposed to technology in the form of smartphones and tablets, wearables for kids isn’t that much of a stretch. In fact LG has released wearables for kids in the past, and it looks like the company has some new ones in the works.In a recent tweet by @evleaks, it has […]

LG V10 Purchase Accompanied By 200GB MicroSD Card
With AT&T and T-Mobile having confirmed that they will be taking in LG V10 orders, and the former has already opened up the pre-order process for the smartphone, here is perhaps another incentive for you to make this handset a priority when it comes to upgrading your smartphone. Apparently, if you decide to pick up an LG V10 some time between October 30 and November 15, LG is more than […]

AT&T Now Taking LG V10 Orders
Yesterday AT&T had confirmed that they will begin taking pre-orders for the LG V10 today, and sure enough they are. For those who are interested in the LG V10, you will be pleased to know that AT&T has begun taking orders for the phone and if you were to hop on over to AT&T’s website, you will be able to order it.The phone is priced at $249.99 with a two-year […]

AT&T And T-Mobile Confirm They Will Carry LG V10
Not too long ago LG announced a rather unique handset called the LG V10, it’s the first in a series of V-Series smartphones aimed at multimedia enthusiasts and power-users. There’s now information about its arrival in the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile will both be offering this handset to their customers.

Nexus 5X Gets A Google Update
Close to the end of last month, the Nexus 5X from LG was officially announced, which meant yet another flagship device for the masses to choose from. The Nexus 5X is certainly a step up from its predecessor, the Nexus 5 (which was released a couple of years back), and this is a ‘pure’ Android handset,meaning you won’t get any kind of nasty bloatware right out of the box, not […]

Nexus 5X Teardown Finds It Pretty Repairable
The Nexus 5X is one of two new Nexus handsets announced by Google last month. It is slightly cheaper than the Nexus 6P meaning that customers on a tighter budget will be able to afford it. Now if you’re the sort that likes to keep your devices around for a long time, maybe 2-3 years or even longer, repairability is important.After all unless you’re extremely careful, chances are your phone […]