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Cortana Will Now Assist MacBook Users With The Help Of Parallels 
Microsoft’s digital assistant — Cortana is coming to Android and iOS soon, but Microsoft is not planning to bring it to OS X. Thankfully, the wish is somehow being tackled by the app — Parallels, which has unofficially brought Cortana to Mac OS X. The version 11 of Parallels comes with complete Windows 10 support, and it also brought Cortana on board. Although, running virtual machines on OS X is […]

LastPass App For Mac Released
Its common to use multiple online services these days which means there’s a different set of credentials of each service. Some users tend to use the same credentials across all services, so if one is compromised, their entire online presence is at risk. Remembering different passwords for different services can be tricky particularly if you’re prone to forgetting things and that’s where password managers come in. LastPass, a popular password […]