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Mark Zuckerberg's Challenge Is To Read Books, And You're Invited
Many of us like to make many New Years Resolutions, which may or may be worked up throughout the new year, and Mark Zuckerberg is no different. Before 2015 rolled in the Facebook founder and CEO asked his 30 million+ followers on Facebook for suggestions about a new challenge that he should take up in 2015. Out of the suggestions provided by over 50,000 people Zuckerberg picked one which is […]

Mark Zuckerberg Wants Your Input On His New Year's Resolutions
Mark Zuckerberg is a man who needs no introduction. The billionaire founder and CEO of Facebook has a very strong online following which he is putting to some good use today. Zuckerberg wants people to help him out with his New Year’s resolutions, which in the past have included “challenges” like learning to speak Mandarin and wearing a tie every day. He’s using Facebook for this purpose, for pretty obvious reasons.

Facebook F8 2014 Is On April 30th
Developer conferences are a great way for the company to show off what it has been working on. Often at these events some of the biggest announcements are made, while developers, journalists and analysts get to see what a company has planned for the future. Facebook’s developer conference has gone by the f8 moniker, and the last time it was held was back in 2011. The world’s largest social network […]

Mobile World Congress 2014 Keynote Speakers Include Mark Zuckerberg
The Mobile World Congress 2014 takes place next month in Barcelona. This event is attended by major players in the phone industry, not to mention the fact that there’s coverage from global media. Its certainly a big deal, and we often see new devices being announced at MWC. The event isn’t all about devices, there are meetings and discussions as well as keynote speeches from some of the top people in […]


'IT Expert' Discovers Exploit, Posts On Mark Zuckerberg's Wall After Facebook Doesn't Pay Heed
The way Facebook privacy works is that if your profile isn’t set to public, only those people can post on your wall who you have added in your friends list. a self-titled Palestinian security expert, Khalil Shreateh, says that he discovered an exploit in Facebook that would let anyone post on anyone’s wall. He says that the exploit was reported to Facebook through their bug reporting tool, but they didn’t pay […]

Facebook Discusses Potential Partnerships With Samsung
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with Samsung President Shin Jong Kyun and discussed possible partnerships with between the world's biggest social network and one of the world's biggest smartphone vendor.

Future Facebook Android App Will Bring On Off Switch For Facebook Home
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today in a meeting with investors that Facebook Home will be distributed via the official Facebook app for Android in the future.

Facebook Now Lets British Users Message Celebrities For A Charge
We reported back in January that Facebook was testing out a new messaging system which would allow its users to send messages directly to another user’s inbox, one who is not in their connections, for $1, $5 or $15. The price was exorbitantly high for some celebrities. Those wishing to send a message directly to Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg’s inbox had to part with $100 per single message. At the […]

Facebook CEO kicks off company's first earnings conference call
Facebook hosted its first earnings conference call today since the company went public earlier this year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked the conference by discussing the company’s overall business plan and vision for the future. Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of building its mobile platform saying that it is one of the company’s top priorities right now. The young CEO also said that the social network is now working on ways […]

Facebook CEO gets his first patent on privacy
Patents are the modern weapons of corporate warfare. That is why the social networking giant that is Facebook is beefing up its patent portfolio to seal its place once and for all. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg filed his first patent application six years ago. And after being criticized by examiners for its obviousness, the patent – US patent 8,225,376 – has just been approved by the U.S. Patent Trademark and […]

Facebook CEO says adapting to mobile devices is the company’s biggest challenge
Being the CEO and founder of a billion-dollar company is a daunting task. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is saying that his hardest job as of the moment is adapting to mobile devices. In an interview at the Allen & Co.’s conference in Sun Valley, Zuckerberg said that integrating Facebook’s features to mobile devices is hard because the user experience on mobile devices is much different than on desktops. […]

Facebook is not shutting down
It is uncertain where this rumor stemmed from, but there have been stories going around about Mark Zuckerberg planning to close down Facebook on March 15 2011. Apparently he’s tired of the whole business and wants to “live a normal life”. No points for you if you believed for a second that the story was real. Well an official tweet from Facebook has put those rumors to rest. Facebook will […]