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Curiosity makes Mars landing
5 days ago, we talked about how NASA will be broadcasting the Mars landing of the Curiosity Rover live at New York’s world famous Times Square. Well, since good things always come to those who wait, we have word that NASA’s Curiosity Rover has just landed on Mars, where its descent-stage retrorockets made their mark, guiding it for a safe landing on the Red Planet’s surface. The use of nylon […]

NASA and Microsoft release Mars Rover Landing game
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to land a rover on the surface of Mars, you’re in luck. To celebrate NASA’s Curiosity rover upcoming landing on Mars, the agency teamed up with Microsoft to create a game called “Mars Rover Landing”. Available on the Xbox 360, it lets gamers experience what it’s like to land such an important device on the red planet. Gamers make use of the Kinect […]

Gears for future Mars mission tested on an icy Austrian cave
We could be closing in on that day when man will finally make its first landing on the planet Mars. But to get there will require intense preparation and… hi-tech gears of course! On an icy cave in Austria, a group of scientists are testing everything from space suits and rovers to 3D cameras and communications and radar devices. The team of scientists also tested sterilization gear to make sure […]

NASA's Viking robot found life on Mars in 1976?
Is there really life on the Red Planet? Those who want to believe so says “Yes!”, after new analysis of 36-year-old data that were resuscitated from printouts pointed out such a possibility. This particular international team of mathematicians and scientists came to such a conclusion in a paper that was published earlier this week, and according to neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California’s Keck School […]


New Rover to attack Mars this November
NASA is currently going through the final paces of introducing their most advanced rover yet, where it is set to launch in the direction of Mars this coming November 25th. The rover is aptly named Curiosity, where it will make its way to the Red Planet by an Atlas V rocket. As for said rocket, that is already awaiting liftoff at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Curiousity […]

NASA's Mars rover: Curiosity almost complete
The NASA rover, Curiosity, which had to abandon its plans to bring 3D cameras to Mars, is almost ready for its mission later this year. NASA has just announced that the exploring vehicle is nearing its final stages of completion and they released brand new photographs of the rover in their labs. Looking like some sort of highly advanced Lego Technic vehicle, Curiosity was definitely designed not to look pretty, […]

No 3D Rover camera from NASA
Here’s an expansion on our previous post about the lack of a 3D camera on the upcoming Rover to Mars – you can forget about seeing the surface of Mars in 3D – NASA has decided to stop any more talk about constructing a 3D camera and equipping the next generation robotic rover that will be heading over to the Red Planet. To put it simply, there isn’t enough time […]

3D cameras removed from Mars rover
For those of you who were hoping to watch 3D footage from NASA’s Mars expedition later this year, you’re out of luck. NASA announced that they have ditched the plans to include 3D cameras on the Mars rover, Curiosity. James Cameron, the director of Avatar, was supposed to be in charge of replacing the cameras with stereoscopic cameras to capture footage in 3D during its 2 years long mission on […]

Swarming robots could be used to search for life on mars
An engineer from the University of Southampton, UK recently wrote a paper in which he mentioned that the best way for robots to explore mars would be to send swarms of rolling, jumping robots. These Jollbots, as they were called, would be released simultaneously as a swarm of 40-60 robots that travel around the surface of mars, autonomously and randomly scouting for caves. If a robot discovers a cave – […]

James Cameron working on 3D camera for Mars rover
James Cameron is no stranger to cutting edge movie making technology, has been roped in to assist NASA in developing a high-resolution 3D camera that will see action in the next Mars rover known as Curiosity that will roll out sometime next year. It seems that this director extraordinare believes the public will be better able to understand the mission if the rover came with 3D imaging capabilities. It would […]

Asus Mars Graphics Card Features Two GPUs, Is Enormous
The Asus Mars graphics card packs two GPU on two distinct PCB boards talking to each other via a bridge chip. Of course, the first interesting point is how the cooling has been designed. It’s quite a visually impressive graphics solution. As for performance, it should faster than a stock GeForce GTX 295 because the cooling design allows faster clock rates – that’s the idea at least.For hardcore gamers, it is […]