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Matchstick Firefox OS Dongle Cancelled
Dongles are all the rage these days, you have companies like Google and Amazon selling their own dongles while there are many other companies that are selling similar products. A Kickstarter project raised funds for Matchstick which was a Firefox OS powered dongle but unfortunately the project is being cancelled. Due to several reasons the team behind the Matchstick project has decided to cancel it and refund all of the […]

Matchstick TV Stick Runs On Firefox OS
If you thought that forking out $35 for the Google Chromecast is far too much of a burden on your pocket, or you are thinking that the entire ecosystem is not open enough for you, perhaps the choice of picking up Matchstick’s very own TV stick might prove appealing. After all, this particular TV stick will retail for $25 a pop as it hits the market in February next year.