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Lenovo K800 hands-on
[CES 2012] Contrary to popular belief, it seems that someone over at Intel’s booth got a whiff of the Lenovo K800 smartphone which runs on Google’s Android operating system, that it had the language option set to Chinese – and to cater for most of the crowd who dropped by, it seems that the menu on the K800 has been changed to English. Enjoy the image gallery of the Lenovo […]

Lenovo K800 phone is first with Intel Medfield mobile processor
[CES 2012] Lenovo is set to deliver something interesting this year if you were to look beyond their Ultrabooks and computers – the Lenovo K800 smartphone which will be powered by Intel’s brand new Medfield mobile processor. Powered by the Google Android operating system, the K800 came with an all-Chinese menu, and so far, initial impressions of it have proved to garner more positive than negative comments, especially when you […]

LG to reveal Intel Medfield-powered smartphone at CES 2012
Intel’s Medfield processor for mobile devices is expected to take off in the first half of 2012 with plans to give Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Texas Instruments a run for their money. If you’re wondering who will be producing products that use Intel’s brand new chipset, it seems that we can confirm at least one manufacturer, and that would be none other than Korean manufacturer LG Electronics.

Intel-powered mobiles to appear by June 2012
Intel has started demonstrating its new Atom chip (codenamed Medfield) in a smartphone reference design. That’s the phone that has been shown for 1 second during the IDF keynote, and according to MIT Technology Review, the reference design is working very well on Ice Cream Sandwich, aka ICS/Android 4.0. On the tablet side, it looks like Intel and ICS is a winning combination, as it was “noticeably better” than ARM+Honeycomb […]


Intel Tablets To Get Wireless Display
At its Intel Developer Forum, the chip giant has announced that it would bring wireless displays to its Medfield next-generation of low-power processors. Medfield is the code name for the future Atom processor. Atom has been used in Netbooks and Tablet computers running Windows, and Intel has announced that Android phones will use Atom in 2012.