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Mind-controlled arm doesn't turn you into Dr. Octopus
We know that the brilliant but mad Dr. Octopus has a quartet of nigh indestructible appendages that he controls with his mind, but Otto Bock Healthcare from Europe have come up with something less menacing although extremely practical – a mind-controlled arm to help usher in a new era of prosthetics. This mind-controlled arm is the result of a four-year research project, where it has been successfully transplanted onto a […]

Emotiv Allows You To Control The Rovio Robot Using Your Mind
You might remember Rovio, the electronic robot guard dog (that doesn’t look like a dog), but this time, things are a lot cooler. This is because the Emotiv Systems’ headset is used to control the robot via Skype. Thanks to the Emotiv headset, your facial gestures and brainwaves are recognized, and used to control the robot. The signal will be picked up by a PC that is loaded with Roboclient, […]

Japanese get lazy with mind controlled home systems
The Japanese are at the forefront of cutting edge technology most of the time, and we do have word that they are working on a new project that involves mind control of consumer home products including air conditioners, where sensors will be able to tell from the body temperature in a room and make the appropriate adjustments to the temperature. Guess if you start to feel as though you were […]

Mind Control Pinball Showcased At CeBIT
Mind control and pinball, what more could a guy ask for? If the combination of those 2 wonders has got you drooling non-stop, then you really should be at CeBIT, as the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface Group has been showcasing their mind controlled pinball machine. Sure, you have to sacrifice a little and look quite weird wearing the interface device on your head (as well as your nose), but you’ll be […]


LifeHand controlled by thought
Remember the exoskeleton that Professor X wore before he and the X-Men headed onto Asteroid M to thwart Magneto’s plans, right before Wolverine’s adamantium was ripped out? That could be a reality in the future, if the right advancements are made on the work of researchers at the Bio-Medical Campus University of Rome. Their labor of love, the LifeHand, is connected via electrodes to an amputee who can then perform […]