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Concept: Two Motorcycles Combine To Become A Car
Can you afford to own a car, or motorbike, but not both at the same time? The Plug-in concept here seems rather interesting. Instead of having a normal car, there are two individual motorcycles that look sleek and stylish, and when you need a bigger vehicle, both can be combined together, giving you a car. Pretty neat, huh? Granted, you’ll need to own two bikes, but you and your friend […]

Solar Flyer Electric Bike
Richard Gryzch has had enough with heading off to the gas station whenever his bike’s fuel tank runs empty that he literally took things into his own hands and come up with the Solar Flyer – a solar-powered bike. This project took over two years to complete, and it is believed to be the first solar charged electric motorcycle in the world. Amazingly enough, it has a range of 50 […]