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US Justice Department could approve Google/Motorola Mobility acquisition soon
In 2011, Google announced their plans to buy Motorola Mobility, spending $12.5 billion in the process. Naturally with an acquisition of this magnitude, there would be a lot of red tape, such as approval by shareholders, the US Justice Department and antitrust regulators. So far it seems that the shareholders have already given their consent, and now there are reports that suggest the US Justice Department could be giving the […]

Motorola Mobility wins injunction against Apple in Germany
It looks like Apple could be in a spot of trouble here as the German courts have ruled in Motorola Mobility’s favor regarding patent infringements. The courts have granted Motorola Mobility a “preliminary enforceable” injunction against Ireland-based Apple Sales International on the grounds that some of Apple’s products may violate their patents.

Motorola shareholders vote in favor of "Googorola" deal
We know that Google has announced their plans to purchase Motorola Mobility, and it seems that Motorola’s shareholders have given the company the green light to proceed with the acquisition deal with a 99% vote in favor of the deal. The shareholders at the meeting reportedly represented about 74% of Motorola’s total shares, thus displaying a strong support for the deal, according to Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha.

Motorola Mobility stockholders to vote on "Googorola" deal
A few months back, Google announced its plans to acquire Motorola’s mobile division, Motorola Mobility. Naturally this was a very big deal, the deal $12.5 billion deal not withstanding, but also its implications since Google’s Android platform can be found on many of Motorola’s recent smartphones. This however did not sit too well with the antitrust regulators, who not too long ago requested to take a closer look at the […]


Motorola Phones Accused of Infringing on Microsoft's Patents
Today, Microsoft and Motorola Mobility are in courts as Microsoft accuses Motorola of illegally using seven of its patents. The software giant is asking the international trade commission (ITC) to stop the importation of select Motorola phones. This case is very important, since it follows the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, a move that was specifically thought to protect Android from such patent litigations that Google had complained about […]

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility
This morning, Google has announced that it will acquire Motorola Mobility for $12B, which is a huge premium (60%+). This move is somewhat unexpected as it drastically changes Google’s position relative to other handset manufacturers who use Google’s Android operating system. Now Google has a vested interest in the Success of Motorola Android phones, which could create a conflict of interest, although Google says that “its vision of Android remains […]