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Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich phone press shot faked?
Earlier today, we reported about the press shot of an upcoming Samsung phone leaked by Eldar Murtazin, and while most of us were content with catching a glimpse of what the phone like, some people weren’t too convinced. The folks over at Android Community took a closer look at the picture, and sure enough, it looks like we’re dealing with a fake image here.

New Samsung Android 4.0 phone press shot leaked? (Updated)
Eldar Murtazin, a man reputed for leaking information about mobile phones has just posted up on Twitter a picture of an unnamed Samsung device that is said to be launching at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The picture shows a phone looking similar to the Galaxy S2, though we can clearly see Android Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung TouchWiz on its display. No additional details have been revealed, but it’s […]

Galaxy Note S and Galaxy S2 Plus rumored to be announced at MWC 2012
Since Samsung won’t be showing off the Galaxy S3 at MWC this year, it looks like we’ll just to look forward to other devices instead. And in case you’re wondering what Samsung might have up its sleeves for next month, reports online have mentioned the existence of two new sequels to its current lineup of phones: the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note S. Other than the […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 confirmed no-show at MWC 2012
About a week ago, we reported that there were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would not be making its debut at MWC 2012. The successor to the highly-popular Galaxy S2 is a much anticipated device, and with MWC being one of the larger (if not the largest) mobile convention of the year, it was naturally assumed that Samsung would make use of the large crowd and the exposure to […]


Sony Xperia LT22i "Nypon" to be called Xperia P?
Last week, the Indonesian Postel website revealed the name of the Kumquat as the Xperia U and now it looks like they’ve revealed yet another name. According to its website, the LT22i currently known as “Nypon” will be called the Xperia P at launch. Seeing how Sony has been using a single letter naming system (except for the Xperia ion) recently, it makes sense. It also falls in line with […]

Lumigon T1 shows up again
Remember the Lumigon T1 Android phone that was announced back in 2010? Well, it looks like the phone is finally ready to rear its head again. Last week, on the official Lumigon Facebook page, the company posted a link to the official Lumigon website that now has a huge countdown on the front page. And yes, the countdown is until this year’s MWC – no coincidence since the phone was […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 won't be unveiled at MWC?
The Samsung Galaxy S3, one of this year’s highly anticipated phones, might not make it to the party at Barcelona next month – if reports online turn out to be true. The Verge reported today that according to their sources familiar with the matter, the official announcement of the phone won’t be taking place at MWC 2012. The reason for postponing the unveiling is speculated to be Samsung being “uncomfortable […]

HTC Primo specs rumored (updated)
Looking forward to HTC’s new phones? The folks over at were recently tipped off with some information concerning HTC’s new phone – the HTC Primo. Touted as a budget companion to the HTC Edge and HTC Ville, the HTC Primo shouldn’t be breaking the banks anywhere. The HTC Primo is rumored to feature a 3.7″ Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass (resolution unconfirmed), Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a […]

Huawei to launch Diamond series high-end Android smartphones
If you were impressed by the Ascend P1 S by Huawei at CES 2012 this year, apparently it won’t even be the best device the company has up its sleeves. According to reports online, Huawei has got a new Diamond series of smartphones that the company will be unveiling at MWC next month. Huawei has already sent out invites for a press conference scheduled on February 26th, where it promises […]

HTC Ville Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 smartphone outed for MWC 2012
It looks like HTC will be unveiling more than one phone at MWC 2012. Apart from the HTC Edge, it seems that another HTC device has been outed in the form of the HTC Ville. According to BGR, the HTC Ville is set to be released some time in April of 2012 and will be running on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

HTC to reveal Intel-powered Android device at CES/MWC next year? (Rumor)
We had previously reported that Google and Intel had made a joint announcement saying that prototypes of Android devices powered by Intel already existed, and that Google would attempting to optimized Android for Intel’s architecture. Now if the idea of Intel powered Android devices sounds like something you’d be extremely interested in, HTC may have something for you.