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NASA plans Curiosity's path using gaming technology
NASA is busy planning missions for its Curiosity Rover vehicle which is currently on Mars. Because the robot is millions of miles away, it can take anywhere from 3mn to 30mn for a radio signal to go from Earth to Mars – this depends on the position of both planets on their respective orbits. This makes it unpractical to “remote control” the robot like you might do on earth, where […]

Curiosity rover on Mars receives software update
Your smartphone is not the only device hanging around that receives a software update, you know – and neither is your favorite video game console either. How about a piece of machine that is located thousands and thousands of kilometers away from our earth – residing on the Red Planet, otherwise known as Mars, where it is called Curiosity by everyone else? Well, we are pleased to say that the […]

NASA's Curiosity rover sends back first color photo
After the successful landing of NASA’s heaviest piece of machinery on the red planet to date, the Curiosity Rover has sent back its first few images of the dusty planet, and if you can just squint your eyes a little bit, you might be able to check out the natives of Barsoom, and some say, a speck that could very well be John Carter leaping through the air. What Curiosity […]

Curiosity makes Mars landing
5 days ago, we talked about how NASA will be broadcasting the Mars landing of the Curiosity Rover live at New York’s world famous Times Square. Well, since good things always come to those who wait, we have word that NASA’s Curiosity Rover has just landed on Mars, where its descent-stage retrorockets made their mark, guiding it for a safe landing on the Red Planet’s surface. The use of nylon […]


Google Street View checks out the Kennedy Space Center
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been the focal launch point for an entire generation of space technology and exploration, and you can bet your bottom dollar that many enthusiasts do look forward to being up close and personal with a space shuttle, while following in the paths of astronauts. Well, technology has empowered us in many ways, and today, Google’s Street View has decided to collaborate with NASA […]

NASA to broadcast live Mars landing in Times Square
NASA wants as many eyeballs as possible to enjoy developments made towards the space age, by announcing that they will be broadcasting the Mars Mission landing live in where else but New York’s iconic Times Square. Toshiba will have the honor of having their Toshiba Vision screen that is located in New York City’s Times Square to be the largest East Coast location for the public to view live mission […]

NASA's Z-1 prototype spacesuit is completely versatile
NASA is developing a “do-it-all” spacesuit that can traverse the moon, the planet Mars, or an asteroid. It seems as if the astronauts are trying to hit three birds with one stone with this next generation spacesuit. It’s called the  Z-1 prototype spacesuit, and yes, it’s designed for versatility. Whether it’s exploring alien surfaces or floating in space outside a space station, the Z-1 prototype can reportedly outlast the radiation […]

NASA and Microsoft release Mars Rover Landing game
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to land a rover on the surface of Mars, you’re in luck. To celebrate NASA’s Curiosity rover upcoming landing on Mars, the agency teamed up with Microsoft to create a game called “Mars Rover Landing”. Available on the Xbox 360, it lets gamers experience what it’s like to land such an important device on the red planet. Gamers make use of the Kinect […]

Waldo Canyon Fire scar viewed from space
What you are seeing above is the scar left by the Waldo Canyon Fire that ravaged 18,274 acres of land and destroyed nearly 350 homes, killing two people and forcing at least 32,000 residents to evacuate. The photo was taken by NASA’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on July 4. During that day, 90 percent of the wildfire had been already contained. The red color represents the […]

Robotic garden could provide food and oxygen in Mars
The idea of living in planet Mars is still a far cry from our current reality. But inch by inch, we’re getting closer to that day when humans will finally conquer the Red Planet. A group of students at the University of Colorado and Colorado State University are working on a prototype of a robotically controlled space garden which, if successful, will be used by NASA next summer.The robotic garden […]

NASA to host $1.5 million autonomous rover contest next month
NASA is hosting a competition for autonomous rovers, dubbed as the Sample Return Robot Challenge, at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts next month. The challenge, one of the many projects that NASA is sponsoring, was originally announced in 2010. NASA is looking for an autonomous rover that can be sent on planetary missions in the future. The Sample Return Robot Challenge will involve unmanned robots – approximately 1.5 cubic […]

Blue Origin spaceship design is good to go
Blue Origin has shown off a color-coded image that depicts an analysis of computational fluid dynamics for their proposed next-generation Space Vehicle. While most of us already have headaches trying to get from point A to point B for our work and everyday lives, here is the rocket venture backed by billionaire Jeff Bezos, known as Blue Origin, which claims to have its design successfully tested, meaning it is […]

NASA has plans for printable spacecraft
Why build something from scratch when you can print it out? That is a very good and valid question, but will quality be there when something complex is printed instead of pieced together in a painstaking manner? NASA intends to look into the possibility of printing out their very own spacecraft in order to achieve a supply of cheap robotic spacecraft, which might tip the favor for the case of […]

Astrobotic Technology Contract with NASA Aims to Improve Lunar Prospecting
Astrobotic Technology has signed a contract with NASA to help conclude whether or not its own polar rover vehicle is fit to transport ice-prospecting payload to the Moon. David Gump, the president of Astrobotic Technology, said, “Astrobotic seeks the immense resources available on the Moon to both accelerate space exploration and improve life on Earth. The lunar path is near term. We intend a prospecting mission in 2015.”