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NASA to harvest sun's energy with huge 'margarita glass'
Our solar system’s sun is a force to be reckoned with, and NASA intends to harvest the sun’s energy with their latest idea – a gargantuan ‘margarita glass’, which in essence, is a solar panel that will float around in space. It will be made out of thousands of curved mirrors, soaking up the sun’s rays many thousands of miles above the earth, beaming this energy down to our planet […]

NASA's Viking robot found life on Mars in 1976?
Is there really life on the Red Planet? Those who want to believe so says “Yes!”, after new analysis of 36-year-old data that were resuscitated from printouts pointed out such a possibility. This particular international team of mathematicians and scientists came to such a conclusion in a paper that was published earlier this week, and according to neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California’s Keck School […]

Large Flower-shaped Satellites Can Beam Back Tons of Solar Power
For a long time now, Space-based solar power has seemed feasible enough and can ensure a cheaper and more eco-friendly source of energy for our planet. But for an equally long time, nothing has happened with this issue. Now however, the giant solar microwave space flower that is pictured above may look a bit weird but NASA saw enough in its workings to put in an investment in order to […]

NASA Rocket Sled is not for riding
NASA has recently come up with a rocket sled that replicates “the forces a supersonic spacecraft would experience prior to landing.” And if you’re wondering why on earth would NASA want a contraption like that? It can be used to test inflatable and parachute decelerators. With the results from these experiments, NASA can then “increase landed payload masses, improve landing accuracy and increase the altitude of safe landing-sites” so that […]


NASA and GM team up to create the Robo-Glove
There are some jobs that require us to perform repeated tasks on a daily basis which could ultimately lead to repetitive stress related injuries. NASA and GM have realized that and have teamed up to create the Robotic Glove, a tool which they’re hoping will help auto workers and astronauts in their line of work and to help reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Astronauts and robots seal deal with a handshake
While having the commander of the International Space Station, Daniel Burbank, shake hands with Robonaut on Wednesday to signal the first handshake between a human and a humanoid – in space, no less, is historical, it surely is nowhere near the historic level when a human first set foot on the moon all those years ago. The Robonaut from NASA was launched in the shuttle Discovery back in 2011 as […]

NASA develops cancer-detecting nanosensor that fits into a smartphone case
Wouldn’t it be handy, not to mention painless and uncomplicated, if our smartphone cases could detect whether we have lung cancer or diabetes? While we’re not sure if and when such a device would actually go into production, it does exist thanks to the research and development by NASA.

SPHERES robots from NASA inspired by Star Wars
Truth can be stranger than fiction at times, and here we have the SPHERES robots from NASA that was created due to inspiration from the space opera known as Star Wars. Yes sir, SPHERES stands for Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites, and will be roughly in the same mould as that of a bowling ball. These robots will flit about the International Space Station using CO2 thrusters, and […]

NASA commissions space washing machine for astronauts' dirty laundry
It seems that when you’re in space, you will no longer have the luxury of changing your underwear everyday. Instead astronauts only get to change their underwear every 3-4 days. This is due to the costs of sending goods into space which reportedly costs between $5,000-$10,000 per 500g, making sending a daily supply of underwear a ridiculously expensive experience. So much so that NASA has tasked a small disinfectant business […]

New Rover to attack Mars this November
NASA is currently going through the final paces of introducing their most advanced rover yet, where it is set to launch in the direction of Mars this coming November 25th. The rover is aptly named Curiosity, where it will make its way to the Red Planet by an Atlas V rocket. As for said rocket, that is already awaiting liftoff at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Curiousity […]

NASA rocket reborn for commercial use
Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. What if you’re a defunct rocket sitting in some secret hangar of NASA? Well, the national space agency decided that there are still some miles left in their now defunct rocket, and will send engineers to work on it to refurbish the entire thingamajic to function as a proposed new commercial rocket – using parts from the Ares 1 crew launcher. This […]

Cocoon Grid-It! used in NASA experiment
One of the best ways to attract the attention of the public when you’re selling a product is by attaching big names to it. And that’s what Cocoon Innovations did when it got NASA to use its Grid-It! storage system in its latest series of experiments with weightlessness. The space administration was recently proposed with an experiment by a group of teachers who wanted to know what it was like […]

Google teams up with NASA and CAFE for the Green Flight Challenge
Remember the Elektra One, the electricity-powered plane that PC-Aero developed for NASA and CAFE’s Green Flight Challenge? Well, it has just been announced that Google will be joining NASA and CAFE in sponsoring the Green Flight Challenge. The event, which has been rescheduled to September 25 to October 3, will see teams from all over the USA competing with their most eco-friendly aircrafts for the grand prize of $1,650,000.

NASA's Juno space exploring robot is solar-powered
NASA might be done with the Space Shuttle, but that doesn’t mean the national space agency has given up on exploring those orbs we call planets that lie yonder. No sir, they in fact have a mission to Jupiter down the road, sending a solar-powered, windmill-shaped spacecraft known as Juno – making it the most distant probe to date that receives its electrical sustenance from the glowing ball of fire […]