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NASA announces where space shuttles go to rest
In a ceremony held at the Kennedy Space Center today, NASA’s Administrator Charlie Bolden announced where all the space shuttles that have taken their final flights will go to rest. In addition to announcing the resting places of the shuttles, they commemorated the 30th anniversary of the first shuttle flight. The space shuttle Discovery will be placed in the National Air and Space Museum just outside Washington DC. The Enterprise […]

NASA's Mars rover: Curiosity almost complete
The NASA rover, Curiosity, which had to abandon its plans to bring 3D cameras to Mars, is almost ready for its mission later this year. NASA has just announced that the exploring vehicle is nearing its final stages of completion and they released brand new photographs of the rover in their labs. Looking like some sort of highly advanced Lego Technic vehicle, Curiosity was definitely designed not to look pretty, […]

NASA to broadcast Soyuz events and launch in HD
Great news for fans of the NASA TV HD channel. The space administration has officially announced that the launch for their next space mission will be broadcast live on the NASA TV HD channel. The mission that sees the ISS crew fly out to the ISS in the Soyuz spacecraft, launching from Baikonur, Kazakhstan; will be shot in high definition for you to watch (don’t worry, if you only have […]

Elektra One: the electricity-powered plane
In the future, our airplanes might not need gas to fly anymore. For NASA’s CAFE Green Flight Challenge, PC-Aero recently came up with a prototype plane, the Elektra One; that runs completely on electricity. Powered by batteries, the single seater aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight, climbing 500 meters in the air and landed without a hitch. Then just last week, the plane took to the skies again, this time […]


No 3D Rover camera from NASA
Here’s an expansion on our previous post about the lack of a 3D camera on the upcoming Rover to Mars – you can forget about seeing the surface of Mars in 3D – NASA has decided to stop any more talk about constructing a 3D camera and equipping the next generation robotic rover that will be heading over to the Red Planet. To put it simply, there isn’t enough time […]

3D cameras removed from Mars rover
For those of you who were hoping to watch 3D footage from NASA’s Mars expedition later this year, you’re out of luck. NASA announced that they have ditched the plans to include 3D cameras on the Mars rover, Curiosity. James Cameron, the director of Avatar, was supposed to be in charge of replacing the cameras with stereoscopic cameras to capture footage in 3D during its 2 years long mission on […]

NASA provides Superfocus glasses to older astronauts
On board the recently launched space shuttle, Discovery, NASA provided some special glasses that were designed to help astronauts see better in space. Since the average age of a NASA astronaut is 48, many of them suffer from presbyopia – a condition where the lenses of a person’s eye becomes inflexible, making it tough to focus on close up objects. This condition makes simple tasks like reading difficult to do. […]

Watch the Discovery space shuttle launch on your PS3
Despite being protected from hacking and modifications, the Sony PlayStation 3 is actually capable of doing other things besides playing games and surfing the web – it can even be used for education (depending on how educational you think a space shuttle lift off is). NASA’s latest trip to space will be undertaken by the space shuttle Discovery and today is the day they’ve all been waiting for. At 4.50pm […]

NASA releases Spinoff app for Android
NASA has just released a new app for Android and it’s not the NASA HD App that’s been released on the iPad for awhile now. In case you didn’t know, NASA Spinoff is a publication that informs folks of all the latest technologies that have are spinoffs of NASA’s space technology. This app won’t let you stream NASA TV, but if you’re interested in creating new products based on NASA’s […]

Passenger planes of the future
NASA gave away contracts to three teams to come up with the perfect plane for the year 2025. The three teams had to design a plane that was silent, fuel efficient, can fly up to 85% of the speed of sound, cover a range of approximately 7,000 miles, and carry between 50,000 and 100,000 pounds of payload – either passengers or cargo. The three teams that took part were Lockheed […]

NASA wants to send scramjet spacecraft into space using a railgun
Sending an object out into space is no joke, as it has to have enough escape velocity to escape the earth’s gravity pull. NASA has been sending monkeys and people to space for umpteen years now, and are always looking for more efficient ways of doing so. Their latest effort for a satellite launching system is currently undergoing some work, aided by additional sources of thrust. NASA intends to make […]

NASA works on solar shield to protect power grids in outer space
We have gotten news that NASA is working on solar shields so that those can be used to offer protection to power grids that are in outer space. After all, solar storms are no small matter, being seen from as far as 93 million miles away, and even at such a great distance, damage can occur to power grids – which why NASA decided to create a solar shield which […]

NASA uses seabed as underwater lab
NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston recently announced that they will be participating in the NASA Extreme Environment Missions Operation (NEEMO) mission which is aimed at simulating conditions on other planets, just in case the earth is no longer a habitable place for most humans save for the rich and elite who can afford so when the apocalypse arrives. This time round, the ocean’s floor is the venue of choice, […]

James Cameron working on 3D camera for Mars rover
James Cameron is no stranger to cutting edge movie making technology, has been roped in to assist NASA in developing a high-resolution 3D camera that will see action in the next Mars rover known as Curiosity that will roll out sometime next year. It seems that this director extraordinare believes the public will be better able to understand the mission if the rover came with 3D imaging capabilities. It would […]