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Netatmo Unveils A Smart Door Lock That Works With HomeKit
We have seen a lot of different smart lock/unlock systems. However, Netatmo’s first NFC-based smart door lock strikes to be something impressive right after it was unveiled at CES, 2020.Just like you would unlock/lock a door with a traditional lock-key system, it is essentially the same. However, the key acts as an NFC paired tech that will unlock the door.With this, you will end up having a smart door that […]

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach Smart Indoor Climate Monitor Launched
Smart home company Netatmo has announced today that its smart indoor climate monitor called Healthy Home Coach has been released today. This smart device provides users with smart advice so that they can create a healthier home environment. It tracks and records all indoor environmental elements such as humidity, air quality, temperature, and noise in real time. It collects personalized data from the user’s environment and comes up with actionable […]

Netatmo Presence Outdoor Security Camera
[CES 2016] They say that a man’s home is his castle, and as we all know, medieval castles are well fortified buildings that need no introduction. How about the modern day home then – especially for those of us who happen to live on landed property and do not have the benefit of a building-wide security perimeter as found in apartments and condominiums? Well, Netatmo intends to address this particular […]

Netatmo Welcome Camera
Following in the footsteps of competitors Withings and Dropcam, Netatmo is launching Welcome at CES 2015, a smart home camera featuring face recognition. The surveillance device learns to recognize family members and is able to send their names to the user’s smartphone, when an unknown face appears, the application notifies the homeowner.