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Confirmed: Apple iPad Will Run ALL iPhone Apps
It looks like the rumors were true. While initially it’s hard to imagine that you’d be running iPhone apps on the iPad (due to the screen size difference), Apple has decided that it can be done. So the iPad will be getting ALL the apps that are available for the iPhone, which is great news, considering that there’s a huge catalog of stuff out there for the iPhone. You’ll be […]

Sony Reader Daily Edition To Get Wall Street Journal And New York Times
If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that Sony has announced the Reader Daily Edition way back in August; though at the time there wasn’t any confirmation as to which newspapers would be offered for the reader. With the reader going on sale before 2010, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the New York Post have been confirmed to be offered on the reader. The WSJ will be available […]

New York Times releases Reader 2.0
Leave it to one of the biggest names in news to launch a major upgrade of its digital service in stealth mode: The New York Times just released the second version of its “Times Reader”, a stand-alone application that automatically downloads the paper’s news content, checks for updates, and displays articles in a way that’s nicer looking and more readable than on the NYT website. But it’s easy to miss […]