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Nexus Q gets taken apart by iFixit
We all know that Google’s Nexus Q is “made in America“, but is it really? Well, the folks over at iFixit decided to put the media streaming device to the test by doing to it what they do best – giving it a complete teardown. Granted not every part of the device was made in the USA, but the fact that it was assembled in the country should be good […]

Google Q device is Made in the USA
The Google Nexus Q is a home media player that was just unveiled yesterday during the Google IO keynote. It is an Google experiment (in a crowded market) that is well designed, attractive and hard to build. Interestingly, the Google Nexus Q is also an experiment in USA-based manufacturing. At the bottom of the device, there’s a sticker which says “Made in the USA”. This is almost symbolic for a […]

Nexus Q announced
As expected, Google announced a new piece of hardware known as the Nexus Q. This is the result of Project Tungsten that was introduced more than a year ago, where it will bring together the power of Android and Google Play. The Nexus Q is a definite looker, and is the first piece of hardware from Google alone with Android running within. It is tipped to be the “third wave” […]

Nexus Q leaked, no longer a rumor?
Google I/O is about to start in just less than 10 minutes’ time, and we already have our live blog up and ready to rock and roll. Well, the rumored Nexus Q has been spotted in its official YouTube video (which you can watch on your PS Vita if you want to), where it is speculated to come with YouTube interactivity, support for Google Play Movies, Play Music and TV, […]