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Nickelodeon’s ‘Meet the Voxels’ Will Be Made Using A Game Engine
The engines used by video games these days is definitely a huge step up from back in the day. We are seeing how developers are pushing the limits of technology, where some engines are so capable of rendering graphics that upon first glance look incredibly realistic, and that you might actually have a hard time trying to figure out when put side by side the real thing.

Nickelodeon’s Animated Nintendo Series Could Be Based On Castlevania
Recently it was revealed that Nickelodeon had an animated Nintendo TV series in the works. At that time it was speculated that the series in question could be based on Mario, but it turns out that might not be the case. More evidence has come to light that would suggest that it could actually be based on “Castlevania”.

Animated Nintendo Series Reportedly Being Developed By Nickelodeon
Nintendo’s fierce protectiveness of their IP is probably one of the reasons why we haven’t really seen many animated TV shows or movies that are based around Nintendo franchises. We guess the closest we’ve gotten would be the Pokemon anime series and movies, although to be fair Pokemon isn’t 100% owned by Nintendo.