Fennec on Nokia N900

Nokia’s N900 will be the first Maemo-powered device to get a taste of Fennec, also known as Firefox Mobile. The final version of FireFox Mobile will be available soon (as an optional download), but Nokia N900 owners can already get a foretaste of things to come by downloading the beta version way before that. We’ve seen a demo of Fennec running on the N900, and it seems pretty clear that […]

Nokia N900 Starts Shipping

We previously pointed out to you that the highly anticipated Nokia N900 would be shipping this week, and now it has finally started shipping! In case you’ve forgotten, the N900 is Nokia’s first phone to use Maemo Linux instead of the popular Symbian. If you’re intrigued by this phone, be sure to check out our detailed review of it over here.

Nokia N900 Review

Nokia is facing a tide of ferocious competitors in the lucrative high-end smartphone market, but the company is on the move: Nokia is battling on multiple fronts a the same time: OS, app store, maps and devices. With the N900, Nokia wanted to build a “handheld computer with phone functionalities”. I suspect that for prospective users, if it looks like a phone, it should work like a phone. Nokia has […]

Nokia N900 Delayed Till November

For those of you who have been holding your breath for Nokia’s N900, we’ve got some bad news. It seems that the device will be delayed till November. The good thing is that November is just around the corner, so we shouldn’t have too long to wait, not to mention that the device will support T-Mobile’s 3G network, which would be a nice feature. Expect to shell out around $650-$700 […]


Nokia Maemo launched with Nokia N900

As tipped, the Nokia Maemo has been announced alongside the new Nokia N900 smartphone, where this Linux-based software is able to offer a computing experience similar to that of a PC on a device that is no larger than your average smartphone. The N900 will be the next generation of Internet tablets, where it will be powered by the new Maemo 5 software that allows one to have dozens of […]