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NSA Supposedly Able To Access Secure BlackBerry Email
Just how powerful are the folks over at the NSA? Well, there are plenty of whispers on the ground that seem to point towards the NSA being able to listen in to dosmestic calls by “accident” when it comes to roaming confusion, but a report from Spiegel does carry a whole lot more seriousness to the situation. Spiegel, a German news magazine, did mention that they have managed to catch […]

NSA Allegedly Paid Google, Microsoft, Yahoo And Facebook Millions To Cover Compliance Costs
Whistleblower Edward Snowden is at it again. In a new string of documents provided to The Guardian by the ex-CIA technical analyst, it is alleged that NSA paid millions of dollars of taxpayer money to internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook. Previous leaks from Edward Snowden allege that these major companies, and a few more, are involved in the National Security Agency’s PRISM program. Soon after the […]

German Government IT Experts Reportedly Consider Windows 8 A 'Security Risk'
When Edward Snowden leaked a number of top secret documents detailing National Security Agency’s spying programs, a lot of questions were raised regarding the alleged participation of some of U.S.A’s top software and internet companies. Microsoft was named in those documents as one of the participants of NSA’s PRISM program. A German publication called Zeit Online claims to have obtained leaked documents that reveal IT experts within the German government believe […]

NSA Director Wants To Replace Employees With Machines
For those who have been following the news, you might recall that there was a huge fuss over how Edward Snowden, a former NSA system administrator, blew the whistle on the organization’s PRISM program which basically allowed the US government to spy on its own people. Instead of attempting to reassure the public that this was in their best interest, the program was defended and even called “lawful”, and now […]


Verizon Wireless Allegedly Aided UK's Tempora Eavesdropping Program
Last month a string of highly classified documents were leaked by former CIA technical analyst Edward Snowden. Those documents revealed that the UK’s GCHQ was apparently tapping in to undersea fiber optic cables that go through the country for collecting data. At that time it was not known if any telecommunication companies were aiding the program, which is known as Tempora. According to German newspaper Süddeutsche, which claims to have received […]

XKeyscore Is NSA's "Widest Reaching" Program For Collecting Data Online
By now you might have heard of NSA’s data collection programs. The leaks started over a month ago when a former CIA technical analyst, Edward Snowden, leaked documents pertaining to NSA’s PRISM program. We then saw documents related to NSA’s Boundless Informant tool. Snowden has now leaked a cache of documents about yet another program of the National Security Agency, a program that allows it to collect “nearly everything” an […]

Complaints Against U.S. Companies Named In PRISM Filed With EU
Complaints have been filed with the EU against Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple since they have allegedly provided the NSA data under the PRISM program.

Chinese Media Dubs Various U.S. Products As Security Threats
Chinese media outlets are calling U.S. made tech products security threats, after Edward Snowden revealed that U.S. used Cisco routers to hack in to computer systems in China and Hong Kong.

PRISM Leak Source Edward Snowden Charged With Espionage
Edward Snowden, the PRISM leak source, has been charged with espionage by the U.S. government. Earlier today he reported flew out of Hong Kong and headed to Moscow.

UK's GCHQ Reportedly Intercepting Data By Tapping Fiber Optic Cables
Edward Snowden has now leaked documents which reveal that UK's GCHQ, is allegedly intercepting large quantities of web and telephone call data by tapping fiber optic cables directly which carry internet traffic

UK Reportedly Monitored Foreign Delegates' Communications At 2009 G20 Summits
A new report claims that UK's GCHQ agency monitored communications of foreign delegates at the G20 summits in 2009.

Facebook, Apple and Microsoft Give New Information On Government Data Requests
Ever since the PRISM scandal (a government program deemed legal that collects digital information for security purposes) exploded in the media, public-facing companies like Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft have been on the defensive in terms of public relations since they are at the forefront of the public’s reaction (if not anger). The original story was that the government security agencies had “direct access” to the companies servers. All of […]

NSA Justifies Programs
Do the means justify the ends, according to the reasons given by US intelligence officials concerning the recent NSA programs?

Yahoo Apparently Fought Court Order Before Becoming Part Of PRISM
According to a new report Yahoo against a court order before having to join the NSA's PRISM program.