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Campaigns Supporting PRISM Leak Source Already Launched
Online communities as well as individuals have risen up in support of PRISM leak source Edward Snowden. Campaigns for his pardon and crowd-sourced monetary assistance have been started online.

PRISM Leak Source And Motivations Revealed
The PRISM leak source and his motivations behind the leak have finally been revealed. Edward Snowden, a 29 year old former technical assistant for CIA, is the PRISM leak source.

PRISM Reportedly Accesses Data Without Companies Knowing
NSA PRISM program is reportedly capable of accessing data from internet companies without them even knowing. Secure portals have apparently been set up by companies that can be accessed any time by authorized government employees.

PRISM Program Allegedly Providing Intelligence To UK
A new report alleges that UK's Government Communications Headquarters have also been receiving information from internet companies. It is claimed to have had access through PRISM since June 2010.


PRISM Program Called 'Lawful' By U.S. National Intelligence Director
The U.S. National Intelligence Director says that PRISM program is lawful and has been authorized by Congress. A fact sheet has also been released so as to 'dispel some of the myths' related to PRISM.

After PRISM, NSA's 'Boundless Informant' Datamining Tool Details Leaked
Top secret documents related to the NSA's 'Boundless Informant' tool have allegedly been leaked. This tool categorizes and indexes surveillance data obtained from computer networks around the world.

Internet Companies Deny Knowing PRISM Program
Honesty is the best policy, but do these companies allegedly affected by NSA's PRISM program concur?

Verizon Compelled By Top Secret Order To Provide NSA With Call Data
It is being reported that Verizon has been compelled by a top secret order to hand over the call data of its customers. The order remains in effect till 19th July.

NSA releases security enhanced version of Android
Nay sayers of Android could argue that the platform is not secure due to the number of malwares out there that seem to be targeting Android devices specifically. Companies also appear to be favoring RIM over Android as well due to the amount of control they would have over Blackberry devices, but perhaps the NSA’s (National Security Agency) latest efforts might be able to convince those nay sayers that the […]

NSA: U.S. Must Secure the Internet
According to National Security Agency (NSA) Director Gen. Keith Alexander, the United States federal government has the overarching duty and responsibility in securing the Internet to safeguard against cyber-criminal activities. Top military officials concurred with Alexander, but the government still has yet to provide details of how it intends to tackle Internet security issues. According to site Threat Post, Alexander “expressed confidence that the country’s information security apparatus was up […]