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Origami Version Of Nissan Juke Pays Tribute To This Funky Car
Paper is perhaps the most important tool that billions of us use every single day. Countless great ideas have started out as lines on a piece of paper, same goes for historical speeches and agreements that have had tremendous impact on our world. Whether you’re designing a car or a house chances are you’ll first start off sketching on paper and that’s the very concept Nissan has tapped to pay tribute […]

Facebook Introduces Origami Live
It is slightly more than a year back that Facebook introduced Origami, which so happened to be a free tool that folks could take advantage of when it comes to designing interactive user interfaces. Facebook had also utilized it to design a slew of their products such as Instagram, Messenger, Paper, Slingshot, Hyperlapse, and Rooms. Well, Origami Live for iOS has just been announced, in addition to a major new […]