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Sprint Offers Customers Two Months Of Amazon Prime For Free
An Amazon Prime subscription costs $99 per year and offers you access to a plethora of services including but not limited to music and video streaming, aside from free two-day shipping on millions of products. If you would rather pay for that subscription in monthly installments Sprint has got you covered, and it’s even going to give you the first two months for free.

Amazon Prime Day Is Back July 12th With Great Deals
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest days for online sales. Retailers like Amazon sell products worth billions of dollars on those two days but that just wasn’t enough for the online retail giant, so last year it created its own holiday, the Amazon Prime Day. The Prime Day was launched to offer a plethora of great discounts to Prime members on a single day and after […]

Amazon Prime Day Will Now Be An Annual Event
Yesterday Amazon Prime Day went live. The idea was to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary with sales that Amazon boasted could potentially rival those on Black Friday, and if you’re a frequent shopper on Amazon’s website, you might be pleased to learn that the event has now been turned into an annual one.This was confirmed by Amazon Prime’s vice president Greg Greeley who said, “Going into this, we weren’t sure […]