Google’s self-driving car has its first accident

Uh oh. Google’s driverless car, the self-driving Prius has encountered its first ever accident – according to a photograph sent in to Jalopnik by a tipster who spotted the accident somewhere nearby Google’s Mountain View California headquarters. The photograph shows some people and a police officer observing the damage caused by Google’s vehicle – the car had rear-ended another car, which also happened to be a Prius. Initially thought to […]

Toyota’s steering wheel can detect when you’re about to have a heart attack

When it comes to vehicular accidents, we don’t really think of heart attacks being the cause, but rather our minds jump to talking on the phone or drunk driving, but apparently having heart attacks while on the road is dangerous (and possibly common?) enough to the point where Toyota is reportedly working on a steering wheel that will be able to tell when you are about to have a heart […]

Toyota putting out three new EVs in 2012

Not many companies are willing to put electric vehicles out there in the market and we’re not sure why, but it looks like Toyota has no qualms about it as they unveil three brand new EVs for 2012. It’s almost like they’re saying they don’t care about what preconceived notions the public may have about EVs or hybrids.

Toyota Prius V experiences launch delay in Japan

It is no surprise that Toyota’s Prius V (2012 model) which was supposed to go on sale in the Land of the Rising Sun at the end of next month will be rescheduled, as production delays were a natural consequence of the March 11th earthquake. According to Toyota’s official statement, the company did make a mention of plant closings, supply chain issues and damage that happened to Japanese Toyota dealerships […]


Toyota to deliver half dozen hybrid vehicles by 2012

Toyota hasn’t had the best of times recently after years of stellar growth. Well, the Japanese automaker’s executive vice president Takeshi Uchiyamada recently announced that they will be introducing another six new hybrid vehicles before 2012 is over, and one of these would be a plug-in version of the Prius. We look forward to see just how the plug-in Prius will fare should it be introduced Stateside come 2012, considering […]