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Scientists create "world's smallest" battery
Our phones, which at one point in time started to get smaller, have started to get bigger again as huge displays are always a welcome feature when watching videos and playing games. The internals however, have started to get smaller and that can only be a good thing as that could mean that our devices can start to have more features and functions packed into them such as longer lasting […]

Bing Deskbar prototype brings more to the search fight
Ever since Google emerged as the search engine king all those years ago, they never really looked back, growing from strength to strength that at times, seemed unbelievable and phenomenal. Well, Microsoft has certainly not thrown in the towel just yet, as they know there is still the war to be won no matter how bad the odds are against them at the moment. Microsoft has a new Bing prototype […]

GE develops discs that store 500GB of data
Just when you thought that the 50GB storage you get from dual layer Blu-ray discs were overkill, wait until you get your hands on GE’s (General Electric) latest holographic discs. Two years ago, GE announced that it was developing a prototype form of storage that could store up to 500GB of data. And it looks like the company has managed to accomplish what it started.

iPhone 4S prototype spotted?
Taiwanese site has taken to republishing a blurry photo of what could very well be the iPhone 4S prototype that was originally posted on Weibo – the microblogging service that is somewhat the same as Twitter, save that it is the Chinese version. The images tout that this test model runs on iOS 4.0, where it does resemble the iPhone 4 albeit with a purported 5-megapixel camera according to […]


High-tech glasses will allow those who are visually impaired to "see"
Having one’s vision impaired can be life altering; the way we go about our daily life, the things we can and cannot do have all been changed. Sure we could use seeing-eye dogs which are extremely effective, but compare the cost of training up a seeing-eye dog which is reportedly at 25,000 GBP, with a set of high-tech glasses which could potentially cost 500 GBP. In terms of cost effectiveness, […]

Nikon Prototype/Concept Cameras On Display In France
Cameras have evolved throughout the years, as most technology does. Externally however, camera design has not really been that radical, unlike the technology used inside the cameras, which have come a long way from its humble beginnings. If you take a look at DSLR and compact cameras, you realize that throughout the years, the changes have not really been radical, perhaps new colors, more curved edges, smaller and more compact. […]

Microsoft Sees A Future Where The Kinect Will Be Used In Health Care
Would you ever have thought that the Kinect could be used for medical or health care reasons? If you didn’t you can’t be blamed as it was after all, developed for the Xbox in mind, which in turn is a gaming device. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t quite see the Kinect as solely for gaming, as they have expressed interest in seeing the Kinect being used in operating rooms […]

Nexus 3 spotted in the wild?
It’s been rumored that Google has been working on a new Nexus device, but I didn’t think we’d be catching a glimpse of it this soon. The folks at TechHog managed to get their hands on a photograph of what is touted to be a prototype of the next Nexus phone, dubbed the Nexus 3. The phone is said to be manufactured by HTC this time around – giving them […]

Foldable AMOLED display never creases even after 100,000 times
Are you an engineer who thrives on solving problems? Well, it is said that when it comes to the design of mobile devices, one of the biggest challenges to overcome would be to maximize the display while minimizing the size of the device. Researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea intend to deliver such a premise using a seamless foldable display prototype which is capable of […]

PaperPhones use flexible E Ink screens
The days of rigid phones that determine what sort of pants we wear or bags we hold to carry them in could be coming to an end. At the upcoming Association of Computing Machinery Computer Human Interaction 2011 conference in Vancouver, Dr. Vertegaal will be unveiling the PaperPhone. Simply described as a flexible iPhone, this ultrathin, flexible phone is made of a 9.5cm diagonal thin flexible E Ink display.The PaperPhone […]

Samsung Taylor won't get Windows Phone 7 NoDo update
Bad news for folks rocking the prototype Windows Phone 7 developer phone better known as the Samsung Taylor – according to reports online, Microsoft has announced that it has no intention to bring NoDo or any future updates for their WP7 operating system to those devices. The prototypes were given out for free last year to many developers to get a feel for the device and to start writing apps […]

Hyundai Motor works on plug-in hybrid vehicle
Hyundai Motor is currently developing their very own plug-in hybrid vehicle with a 2013 launch date being targeted, intending to bring this eco-friendly four-wheeler to both folks at home as well as others living abroad. So far, Hyundai has paraded a prototype Sonata plug-in hybrid from its plant, where said prototype took a good three years and more to build, only to be ready to face some real life world […]

Gaming in the air gets more hardcore
For those who are frequent travelers and yet do not have the luxury of flying Business Class all the time, chances are you keep your sanity in check during a long haul flight by walking up and down the aisle frequently, not to mention go through the collection of movies that are there for your perusal – since sleeping is not an option as you’re sandwiched in between two really […]

64GB iPhone 4 caught on video
The prototype iPhone 4 that was recently discovered has now been caught on video, and for the first time we get a good look at the device. Just like the previous photographs, it looks pretty much like the regular iPhone 4, except that the volume buttons are missing the plus and minus signs, and the rear camera is missing the silver ring around the lens – just like the iPhone […]