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The 64GB iPhone 4 exists?
According to some reports online, if you look hard enough in the “grey market” in China, you can actually find some 64GB iPhone 4 devices available for sale. These phones are rumored to be iPhone 4 prototypes that got the axe (as evident by the lack of 64GB models available now) and come marked with prototype model numbers like XXXXX and FCC IDs like BCG-XXXXXX. These phones even carry the […]

Laptops that make use of cameras to track eye movements instead of a trackpad
Navigating without a mouse on a laptop usually means using a cumbersome trackpad to control where your cursor appears. It looks like those days will soon be behind us. With the innovation of touchscreens in laptops, we might not have to use the trackpad anymore. Even more so recently, at CeBIT 2011, Tobii and Lenovo recently unveiled a prototype laptop that makes use of eye-tracking cameras for users to control […]

Modular laptops make it easy to recycle
To solve the problem of electronics being disposed irresponsibly and building up unnecessary waste, 3 students from Stanford and Finland’s Aalto University have come up with an easily recyclable laptop. The recyclable laptop can be easily disassembled by anybody without the use of any tools and it takes less than 3 minutes to complete the whole process. By making it easy to take apart, users will be encouraged to recycle […]

Audi A1 e-tron goes the distance
[CES 2011] This is one prototype that we wish it would enter production, but according to the Audi showfloor people, this model is set to remain in the prototype stage forever. Bummer! We were extremely interested in the full LCD display dashboard that is simply stunning to the eyes, where it will change dynamically depending on what mode the A1 e-tron is in. This four seater will hopefully be the […]


Seagate Slimmest GoFlex Drive Prototype – 9 mm
[CES 2011] CES is all about showing off more performances in smaller packages when it comes to mobility. Seagate is showcasing its thin GoFlex 2.5 inch hard drive prototype, at 9 mm, it is 38%  slimmer  than the current ultra-portable Goflex drives. The product features a USB 3.0 interface that accelerates transfer speeds by 10x over USB 2.0, that’s great for accessing large media files such as HD movies. Compatible […]

E-paper prototype is disposable
Normally, technology that involves e-paper of sorts are more often than not expensive, so we are pleasantly surprised to read about a new kind of e-paper prototype that is disposable. Yup, you read that right – e-paper that can be recycled once you no longer need them. This is the idea of professor Andrew Steckl from the University of Cincinnati, who managed to show off how electrowetting paper functions in […]

Indamixx 2 prototype shown off
What you see here is a prototype of the Indamixx 2, where it boasts of an Intel single-core 1.66GHz Atom N450 processor underneath the hood, although a dual-core processor is not ridiculous or wishful thinking in the final iteration. Other hardware options include 2GB RAM, a trio of USB 2.0 ports, VGA output, an Ethernet socket and analog audio I/O jacks. No idea on what screen size this puppy packs […]

DARPA DiscRotor might just be UFO that fooled everyone all the while
You can bet your bottom hard-earned dollar that DARPA has a bunch of devices, gizmos and vehicles that we have yet to lay eyes upon as the US strives to maintain their military might worldwide. Recently spotted was the DiscRotor, a vehicle that seems to be a rather strange amalgamation of a helicopter and airplane which can hide its rotors in a spinning disc to get around. Currently in the […]

Romet Motors unveil 4E prototype
Romet Motors of Poland has started to market their neighborhood electric vehicle known as the 4E, although it is still in the prototype form factor due to its stature and capacity. Coming with a couple of seats and an almost non-existent boot space, you won’t be bringing this puppy golfing, that’s for sure. It will focus on the tasks of driving around the city or town, and ferrying a passenger […]

Prototype MacBook Air Spotted?
Whispers of a MacBook Air refresh have been going around recently and now a picture of a new 13.3-inch MacBook Air has surfaced, with the lower panel opened, showing the increase in battery capacity. Before you get too happy, the leak mentions that it’s still running the same Core 2 Duo SL9400 processor as the current generation MacBook Air, hinting that this might be a prototype, possibly dating back to […]

TDK introduces 1TB optical disc
When DVDs first arrived on the scene, we were blown away by the amount of storage such a disc holds compared to regular CDs. This was replaced by Blu-rays a few years back, although DVDs are still a whole lot more popular simply because of the much lower ownership cost compared to Blu-rays. TDK could very well usher in a new era of personal storage with their 1TB capacity prototype […]

Smith Electric unveils new electric truck prototypes
Smith Electric has released new electric truck prototypes taht will supplement battery power with a hydrogen fuel cell. As a result, you get the first hybrid truck with zero tailpipe emissions in the world. At present, the majority of hybrid trucks rely on a diesel engine for trunk roads, while switching over to battery power during the last few miles of the journey. This Smith Newton offering will instead use […]

Rare Nokia Star Trek Communicator stays as a prototype
Trekkies would definitely love to have a Communicator in their hands, living out the intergalactic lifestyle. Well, Nokia did come up with a Nokia Star Trek Communicator some time ago, but too bad for the masses, this has remained a prototype with no plans of pushing it to the final frontier of being an actual consumer device. Also known as the “Starfleet Communicator” by certain quarters, there are only 14 […]

Sony prototype of flexible e-paper display might usher in new era of e-book readers
E-paper displays have their advantage and disadvantages over a standard LCD/LED panel, and while they are flexible and suck up very little juice, you can’t really throw fast moving graphics as well as millions of colors at it. Well, Sony might just introduce a future game changer with their latest prototype flexible electronic paper display that relies on plastic substrate instead of glass substrate that is extremely common today. The […]