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Acer Dual-screen Notebook Prototype Pictured
If you didn’t notice, some manufacturers have already been toying with the idea of dual-screen notebooks, as evidenced by the Toshiba Libretto, and now Acer probably wants in on the game too, as a test rig has been sighted with dual 15-inch touchscreens and is apparently powered by a 2.67GHz Intel Core i5 processor. According to the source of the photo, the device is still slow and buggy, so don’t expect […]

Dell Thunder prototype details revealed
The mysterious Dell Thunder has been scrutinied further, and here are some findings on its innards. You will find a 1GHz Snapdragon processor within alongside a Qualcomm Adreno graphics (similar to that of the Nexus One), accompanied by a 4.1-inch touch-screen display, 512MB RAM and an equal amount of ROM, an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, with the possibility of a front-facing VGA camera to make video calls. Apart from […]

Home for Life prototype might deliver net zero energy home for everyone
The Home for Life prototype is the inspiration of a Danish concept that is otherwise known as an “Active House.” It was specially designed to bring carbon-neutral houses to the masses, and is currently the initial of eight experiments which VKR Holding is doling out the dough in five European countries. Basically, this is supposed to be a self-sufficient house which relies on eco-friendly materials, where its rooftop comprises of […]

Best Buy could offer tablet as part of its lineup
The tablet segment has certainly gotten a whole lot more interesting ever since Apple released their iPad, and it seems that Best Buy wants a piece of this seemingly lucrative market segment by developing a tablet computer of its own. Yes, this massive electronics chain will be working on a tablet device, with a prototype already being available – at least that’s what Robert Stephens, chief technology officer and founder […]


Microsoft Menlo touchscreen prototype project spotted in the wild
The Microsoft Menlo project, which is a 4.1″ capacitive touchscreen prototype, was recently spotted running on what could very well be Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2. It was seen to run an example of an app known as Greenfield, where it utilizes an accelerometer and a barometer among others to deliver a more comprehensive in-building navigation capability. While the Menlo’s other attributes were not mentioned, it is worth noting that […]

MasterPad is Pegatron prototype that runs on Windows 7
Windows 7 isn’t exactly perfected and meant for tablet devices, but that doesn’t mean Steve Ballmer is going to let the Apple iPad reign for good. Pegatron has come up with the MasterPad prototype tablet, measuring all of 14mm thin while featuring an 11.6″ IPS (In Plane Switching) display, running at 1,366 x 768 widescreen resolution. Other hardware specifications include a 1.3-megapixel webcam with a microphone, a couple of USB […]

REEM-H1 prototype robot meant to function in the service line
The REEM-H1 robot from Pal Robotics is a new range of humanoid service robots which will get around on a wheeled base, where the lack of legs would mean having it being a whole lot more stable when getting around, translating to safer use in commercial applications. Thanks to stereoscopic cameras, the REEM-H1 is capable of recognizing faces, while microphones are used to detect multilingual speech, alongside several ultrasonic sensors […]

Microsoft Wedge prototype paraded
Microsoft could very well be hot on the traisl of a new display technology which will lean more “towards being an interactive window on the digital world, where the display will know who and where the user is, present content that is context aware, and allow natural interactions with the display surface.” This prototype is known as the Wedge, where it will rely on imaging light guide technology that allows […]

Aava MeeGo And Moorestown Powered Prototype Phone Pictured
We’re quite used to seeing tablets and smartphones being powered by ARM processors, but how often do you see a device powered by Intel’s Moorestown processor? Intel does seem to be getting rather serious about getting its processors into mobile devices, and now pictures of an Aava prototype phone that is powered by the aforementioned silicon have surfaced. It’s running the MeeGo OS, which is the OS that Nokia will […]

Asetek prototype is liquid cooled
Check out this unique all-in-one computer from Asetek which is still in the prototype stage. What makes it different from the rest in the market would be having it liquid cooled, making it (perhaps) the first all-in-one machine we know of which does so. Asetek is proud to announce that this model sports the same profile as the iMac at 58mm when you consider its thickness, where it can run […]

Sony Prototypes Eye-tracking Glasses for Lifeblogging
The folks over at Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) seem to be really into lifeblogging, and after coming up with a lifeblogging device for your cat, they’ve turned their attention back to human beings. A prototype device was shown recently that can track the moment of human eyes, thanks to a camera embedded on the device, allowing you to collect a whole bunch of data related to what you’ve […]

Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 Tablet Prototype Pictured
While we don’t expect to see any Windows Phone 7 tablet devices anytime soon, Microsoft has demoed a few tablet devices at Computex that are powered by its Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS, which more or less looks like Windows Phone 7. This device supports Silverlight for Windows Embedded, Flash 10.1 and multi-touch within the browser. If you had a dream of a Zune/Windows Phone 7 tablet device, check out […]

NVIDIA dual GPU GTX 470 seen at Computex
NVIDIA could very well take back their performance crown if this prototype of the dual GPU GTX 470 at Computex were to be mass produced, thanks to the efforts by the boffins at Galaxy Tech. Taking a cue out of Adidas’ book where impossible is nothing, they managed to incorporate dual GF100 GPUs on a single PCB (Printed Circuit Board), measuring around 12″ long while boasting two 8-pin PCIe power […]

Foxconn Tegra 2-powered Android prototype seems to work just fine
Foxconn’s Tegra 2-equipped Android prototype tablet has gone through the paces with the folks over at Engadget, and they have come off pretty impressed with it. While they didn’t manage to catch it boot into standard Android, it was running a 3D football title with aplomb (you can check out the video right after the jump) that ought to be testament of the Tegra 2 chipset’s capability. Underneath the hood, […]