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Toy Excavator Works Just Like The Real Deal
What do you get if your child is really bright and you want to get him to start his own construction business or something in the future? Why, you get him a $4,500 radio-controlled excavator, of course. This 1:14.5 scale EC280 MG replica is powered by four rechargeable NiMH batteries which drive six motorized proportional axles. It certainly weighs a bit at 62 pounds, but considering that a typical excavator […]

Powerplus Leopard solar-powered universal TV remote control
Universal remote controls are dime a dozen these days, and if you like one that is affordable, you might want to check out Logitech’s Harmony 300 – although the Powerplus Leopard solar-powered universal TV remote control is greener in terms of operational value compared to Logitech’s offering. It can charge from direct sunlight or under ambient light from artificial sources, which basically means it will keep on going and going […]

Nikko Voice-Heli does your spoken bidding
The Voice-Heli from Nikko is pretty self-explanatory – it will listen to what you have to say as it moves about. Yes sir, spoken commands are translated to lift, land, hover and moving from side to side action – all you need to do is wear that dorky looking headset and you’re good to go. An integrated ceiling sensor within ensures it won’t go too high and over-ride the command […]